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  1. Peter

    The singing of birds
    announces the beginning of Spring
    now memories of you
    is what it will bring

    It's like we always had three children
    Two strong and fast
    and you were our little one
    who always came last

    If only you could stay
    we would hug you every day
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  2. First Love by Lawrence Deacon

    Her name was Shelley. It was in Year 6 and she had only arrived to the school that year. Sitting in front of me in class, one row over to my left, she was wearing a blue jumper and had her hair tried back in a pony tail. It was a warm spring day and the teacher had asked us to write an essay.

    All the students had their heads down and were writing away hurriedly. Shelley was right handed and had her head down concentrating as well. I am left handed so while pretending to be working ...

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    Short Story
  3. Looking for help

    Trying really hard trying to find out where I can post my short stories on this site.