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  1. My past, my shadow

    I took a week off work this week with my fiancee.
    Drove up the coast of Sydney, 5 hour drive to see his parents.
    Unfortunately I had to pass by these signs which triggered some painful memories from my past.
    Sadly it's unavoidable, I do accept it.

    Today I was back home and we had to go to my work to do a little shopping.
    I was talking with some of my workmates.
    One who mentioned I look happy,that I am always happy.
    Tonight I thought about ...
  2. Now and Then

    I have a dark past that always hangs around.
    In the shadows, it forever haunts me.
    I deal with it from time to time when certain situations arise.
    I always feared it would get in the way of being in a relationship.
    Luckily for me I found such an amazing man who is more than willing to deal with it with me.
    He is there whenever I need to turn to someone and let my emotions flow.

    What happened in my past made me shut down completely.
    I became ...
  3. Meeting with the minister

    My fiancee and I had to have a meeting with the church minister,as my fiancee has been previously married.
    The minister needed to find out about his previous marriage to find out if we could get married in a church.
    That particular church is important to me personally.
    Not only has my brother been married there.
    My parents were married in that church.
    Up to my great grand parents.
    To me getting married there would mean I am keeping with that tradition . ...
  4. The Bridal Dress

    So I went to just look at bridal dresses yesterday.
    So many to choose from.
    The one I chose to try on brought me to tears.
    I looked at myself for the first time as a bride.

    I could see a glimpse of my wedding day.
    There was my mother in tears as she saw her baby standing in front of her now a woman dressed as a bride.
    We both embraced each other with tears of joy.
    The staff were wonderful, friendly and kind.
    After one congratulated ...
  5. Celebrations

    Celebrations are in order.
    As we celebrate our engagement.
    This marks a wonderful, exciting new chapter in our lives together.
    This is the start of our forever.

    I can't wait to be your bride.
    The day I look forward to since I was a little girl.
    Now I will enjoy every moment planning our special day.
    I embrace your love, I am never letting you go.

    You have made me the happiest I have ever been.
    I am so thankful you have ...
  6. Don't go

    As he looks into my eyes, holding me tight.
    Soft whispers to each other.
    As he turns and starts to leave the room he hears me say...
    Don't go.

    In the early morning we cuddle up even tighter as the alarm goes off.
    He finally gets up to get ready for work.
    While I lay in bed wishing we could spend longer together.
    As he leans in for one last hug and kiss, I watch as he says his goodbye and closes the door.
    While all I can do is think ...
  7. Stand by you

    I have a hold of you.
    I will never let you go.
    No matter what we go through.
    You will never be alone.

    As long as you hold me I will hold on tighter.
    My love for you will never expire.
    My heart races every time you walk through the door.
    As I feel your loving embrace.

    You are alone no more.
    The tears we share together, the pain too.
    You will never walk alone.
    I will always stand by you.
  8. Night sky

    As I looked upon the heavenly sky.
    Bright stars glittered as I gazed.
    It made me realise how small we are.
    There's an entire galaxy.

    What else is there for us to explore?
    What else will we find?
    As I looked up at the stars I thought how beautiful they are.
    Some stood out much more brighter than others.

    Then I looked at the stars as if they were people.
    Some of us stand out while others blend in with the crowd.
  9. Wouldn't it be nice...

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could live as one.
    Not caring for religion, colour of skin, nationality or if someone was gay or straight.
    If we all could just accept everyone for who they are as an individual.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could leave the door open when we left the house.
    Instead of worrying if we'll get robbed.
    We'd be able to live a care free life.

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could see the world through a newborn baby's eyes.
  10. How sweet it is

    How sweet it is this love we share.
    Knowing at the end of the day you'll always be there.
    When we're apart it's you I miss.
    I always look forward to our next sweet kiss.
    Your love means more than I can say.
    I'll show you every night and day.
    I love your warm, loving embrace.
    The smile that appears on your face.

    With you I have nothing to fear.
    My worries disappear as you hold me near.
    I keep expecting to wake to find the ...
  11. Another day

    As I reflect on my life,
    I ask what becomes of me?
    What have I become?

    Through all life has thrown at me, I always manage to end up on top.
    I should have ended up an angry, bitter woman who noone dares speak too.
    Instead I ended up the friendly woman who
    only ends up mistreated.

    Just another cross to bare.
    Just another sad story for this poet.
    Just another day in my life.

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  12. My nephew

    Last night I was waiting anxiously on the news of the arrival of my nephew.
    Finally the phone rang, when I heard the great news I jumped up.
    So excited, "He's here my nephew is here."
    I'm an aunty for the first time.
    Pictures coming through on my phone.
    I was so excited, wishing the time would hurry up so I could give him lots of cuddles.

    This morning I woke up early, so excited to meet this special little guy.
    Hearing mum express ...
  13. Lost soul

    Can someone tell me where I am?
    I've lost my way.
    I'm a lost soul aching to be found.
    It's been a long road I've travelled.
    Yet it feels like I'm only further away than I started.
    My soul is screaming but nobody can hear it.
    My soul is bleeding yet nobody can see it.

    It's getting so dark now.
    I'm not afraid because I'm used to the dark.
    So here I stand alone, desperate to be found.
    I want to escape the horrible horror ...
  14. A chance on love

    For years I had a longing.
    To find someone who would love me.
    Someone I could be myself with.
    Who I wouldn't be afraid to give my love too.

    For years I never let my guard down.
    And when I would it was to the wrong people.
    Until finally one day I let my guard down to the right man.
    I never regret it.

    If I didn't let my guard down to you I'd be missing out on a lot.
    We risk it all for love.
    Everyone takes a chance ...
  15. The checkout chick

    “Hello sir how are you today?” Asked the checkout chick with no reply. “Good morning sir how’s the weather outside?” A dumb look on his face appears. Oh aren’t you so chatty she thought to herself and put his groceries through. “Have a good day” she said as he left. Thank God she thought to herself and went onto the next customer.

    “Hello how are you today?” “Do you really wanna know?” the customer snapped. No it’s what I have to say to all customers you idiot is what she really wanted ...
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