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  1. Weekend

    Soon the weekend will be here.
    Time to let myself unwind.

    Let my mind be clear.
    Leave all the negatives behind.

    Time to move forward, tomorrow is another day.
    Time to be rosy and bright.

    When things get the better of you just say.
    Everything will turn out alright.
  2. Love is a roller coaster

    Love is all I ever wanted.
    To love and be loved in return.
    I was too afraid before in case I got hurt.
    But with you it was different.

    I trust you completely.
    I trust you with my life.
    All I can see in my future is you.
    What they say is true.

    Love really is a roller coaster.
    I've enjoyed the ride so far.
    All I know is I don't ever want to get off.
    Because it's been the thrill of my life.
    I'll always ...
  3. Land of dreams

    I want us to go somewhere far far away.
    A place we can easily hide.
    Where we never get cold, we always feel the warmth of the sun.
    A gentle, loving, fun place we could never leave behind.

    Somewhere we could escape from our troubles.
    So we can focus on the two of us.
    Having so many enjoyable times ahead.
    Never looking back on past regrets.

    I want us to go somewhere fun.
    Where we can dance around on the soft clouds. ...
  4. Disguise

    When I was brought into this world.
    Who knew what was waiting for that little girl.
    A life full of pain, lonliness and despair.
    A broken soul tortured too much to bare.

    Although I'd smile at everyone, they couldn't tell the secret I'd keep.
    For so many years I'd silently weep.

    Nobody heard my cries.
    My smiles were my disguise.
  5. Sad Story

    Everyone has a story to tell.
    You wouldn't want mine.
    The first chapter I remember I can't help but to dwell.
    I wish I could leave it behind.

    I wish I could move forward and that part of my life would erase.
    I wish I could switch it off like a light.
    The pain caused by it can't help but to show on my face.
    I just want everything to be right.

    But I've never been right, I know.
    I could never be.
    Til the day I die ...
  6. Happy Tears

    Don't be fooled by someone who always appears to be happy.
    Chances are they've been through a lot.

    That they're hiding behind a smile just so they don't worry anyone.
    Because they don't want to let their guard down to people who'll only end up hurting them

    A person who always appears to be happy have their secrets too.
    Sometimes it can get too overwhelming.
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