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Task Force: Gaea

An otherworldly place to discuss anything related to Task Force: Gaea, as well as any questions directed at me (the author). I'll answer *almost* anything.

  1. NEW: Glossary of Immortals — FREE!

    by , October 20th, 2012 at 10:37 PM (Task Force: Gaea)
    To help readers of Task Force: Gaea with knowing more background of "who's who," they can download a FREE PDF download of Glossary of Immortals, a brief overview of just who the gods are, complete with pronunciation guide.

    If you encounter a problem downloading the document, please email me at

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  2. Pssst... Teaser from the sequel, Memory's Curse.

    A swirling blackness, Nyx moved and shaped herself in ways that would stagger the mortal mind, collapsing into eddies of dark, living clouds, ready to bear her offspring implanted in her by Olympos’ adulterous king. With the catacombs of the dead for her nursery, Nyx wanted to bring forth her daughter in the company of the agonized, pitiable souls of those who had never made it beyond the gates of the underworld; they had much to offer her child. Suddenly, almost as if she had forgotten her role ...

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