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  1. Caspar Riga's Avatar
    To see how readable it is, I've searched for the first occurrence of the word 'dimension' in the book. Here's the passage:

    “And the snozzle?” asked Marvin. A snozzle was the name for a nozzle on an airport crash tender, which could blast such a fine jet of water that it could pierce through the fuselage of a burning plane. Benjamin had fitted one that could cut with laser-grade precision. Marvin worried that he might have put a static charge on the water, which would not go well with gas fumes, but Benjamin hadn’t. He kept the jet thin by adding a sound to the water.
    “Now, as for daily maintenance,” Benjamin told the commissioner, “if another old mechanic, or an electro technician, tries to measure the torque, or read the current, tell him he should not look for the magnitudes, but the coefficients. Because those are the ones that change. Magnitudes just give errors. Or zeroes. Unless they bought their gear…”
    “…from Eddy Zero?” Marvin guessed.
    “Right,” said Benjamin, “then the numbers will appear as magnitudes, and you can track their compound dimensionality.”
    “Those are the revised numbers you listed in the maintenance log?”
    “Yes, and in the folder I gave you,” Benjamin said. As they stood up from their table, he advertised the fact that each year he had an option to buy four brand new fire engines, straight from the factory. Which he could equip with all sorts of alternative propulsion. Marvin made no promises. He took Benjamin and Dion to the hangar where the rigs were parked, and had them filled with water and foam, so he could test them outside.
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    Brains on fire does not seem like such a bad reaction, since most of the theory pertains to fire engines. In the story, Dion, who is the chief of a reservation, has three talks with Benjamin and Yusuf. This was the final talk. The book mostly has normal conversations, but there is one thickset appendix at the end that should make clear how it all works. But then again, at the start of it, I strongly discourage the reader to read the appendix. Of course, it is meant to sound exotic, but it also has be consistent. I hope that people accept that Benjamin and Yusuf talk this way when they are going on about the garage, and that it is a kind of poetry.

    You can sample the book at , but I don't think you can sample the appendix.
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    [I]GAAARRGGH!!![I] My brain's on fire!
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    Out of context, this one is a little hard to follow and maybe a little to technical for your average SF reader. I couldn't winkle out what you were referring to other then number sets that may have some physical context, but there was nothing firm for me to connect with, just my thoughts.