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  1. Rilakles

    Book I: The coming of a Hero

    “A hero will fall during a gladiator fight but a new one will rise from the ashes, as does the phoenix arises anew after death.” – Hidatus the Elder

    Long ago when the world was covered with sand and occupied by four great seas. A man was sitting in his cell far below, in the belly of Gaia; the mother of earth. The world was not as it once was all the greats such as Hercules and Peruses perished in the Great War ...
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  2. Way of the World

    What is peace it is not, for I know the name of the savior but I know the savior won’t give me his name. The deepest depth of the chill caresses the soul for you are not pure, you when there is not war but war there is always. Your life could end like that but peace is no death, no hatred, and no worries at all for peace was in time before you can know. Yes we live to die we love to hate, what is war what is life. Why hate a black man walking across the street, all he did was smile and say hi. ...
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  3. The Ride of Life

    Ride out my child,
    Go set yourself free,
    Practice guitar or maybe the law,
    Teach or preach,
    Live on the beach,
    Just don’t forget,
    To sometimes look back,
    For if you do,
    The future will come to you
  4. Nothing

    This world what is it, it is not we will all die in the end the world will fall the universe just still your mind is but to small to comprehend my speaking even though it is nothing every thing you do or say is for not if you really think about it there is no purpose for the answer to the great question of why are we here and what purpose do we have is very simple for the deep answer is nothing just think when this world ends what happens next nothing for what we do ultimately means nothing this ...
  5. alive

    I stand tall as I ever had
    For life is wonderful
    And may be sad
    But its there for good or bad
    For life is wonderful
    It will be fun
    But its there for good or bad
    Make the best don’t be sad
    It will be fun
    But then again may be sad
    Make the best don’t be sad
    Live don’t hide be alive
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  6. Place of love

    The wind gently caresses the sobbing trees,
    The trees are sad, very sad, with which they lay there strong arms downward.
    For brothers in a peaceful religion act in un-peaceful ways, but all not bad.
    The lake that beautiful lake.
    I sit here I know peace and tranquility, at this one moment in time.
    The blanket of water which echo’s out the glistening feel of heaven.
    From the heavenly lake comes a plethora of wondrous feelings and emotions.
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  7. Crazy

    Life moves on and people change,
    Ones you thought were normal then are insane,
    People are weird and you can not cage,
    All I know is once I was crazy,
    Now I am sane
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  8. Break Free

    You all are here now
    The time is changed
    No more need for war
    And the cage
    You see just call up the war
    To end the rampage of the tyrant whore
    We live in Rome
    And I fear that this time will end near
    Just please come here now join together all 50 of us
    We will save the cause of origin
    If we try enough
    Now just try, try, try and you will succeed
    Just try, try, try
    Please try and we can break free
  9. Judge Me

    As the days go by I sit and think how life can be so hard. But we make it hard for all you need in life is food, fun and love. But we pray to the masses of media we love drama, pain, and over all judgment. We judge others without judging our selves. We always agree with the last thing that we hear nobody has their own opinions anymore and if you do have an opinion then you are wrong. We should not only listen to our selves but to everyone because what I do affects what you do. So let’s all ...
  10. peace

    After every war there is peace. After awhile there are many wars and pieces. Why dont we stop the wars and bring the pieces together and create one Peace.

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  11. To My Love

    My beautiful, beautiful girl how I love you so much. Your beauty is as breathtaking as a full moon shining bright on a mid summers night. Your eyes are a deep pool which I can get lost in for hours. I wish I could for one moment hold you in my arms and kiss you, for I am madly in love with you. My heart sores when I see you, even when I think of you. I get so high that I am not able to see the ground below. I long to lie with you in my arms cuddling you under a moon lit night, when the stars ...
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  12. A Minute

    A baby walks,
    Then a minute later the baby talks,
    Then a minute later the baby starts school,
    Then a minute later the baby is in middle school Sex-Ed,
    Then a minute later the baby is in high school,
    Then a minute later the baby tries’s pot,
    Then a minute later the baby has sex,
    Then a minute later the baby starts collage,
    Then a minute later the baby starts work,
    Then a minute later the baby gets married,
    Then a minute later
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  13. 6 days

    “Hey … hey Yaakov are you awake, please talk to me?”
    Rachmel then staggered to the once bright window that is now covered by a huge table.
    “Yaakov please wakeup brother please. Oh my g-d the explosion from the suicide bomber must have knocked you unconscious.”
    Rachmel then realized that they were stuck in the café with no way out. He then took out his cell phone to see if there was a signal but sadly there was none. Rachmel then went over to his brother and checked his ...
  14. A poem for a poet

    When I open my mouth I can not lie, I look to the river and might cry, like the great ancient man named Croesus once said, “when in peace sons bury there fathers and when in war fathers bury there sons”. It’s a mixed up world which we live on and you never know where it is gonna be. The war going on in the mid east is like one rich mans feast, but it’s soon to be done, no more guns. Now we should run and have some fun, but soon will be none for the big bad storm which we live in will explode into ...
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