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My thoughts on the world/USA

  1. Fukushima Daiichi

    by , March 16th, 2011 at 01:48 AM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    The man sits forlornly on a pile of rubble. Tracks run down his cheeks where tears of utter exhaustion have carved scars into the grime that is every tragedy of human history. He is spent, heart and soul. There is nothing more for him to give; yet he gives even more. His gift to mankind will demand his life in one way or the other, if not through the desecration of his body then by the consumption of his soul. When all the people that said not to worry had long run away, he gave. Staring at ...
  2. Suggestions for Democratic Commercials

    by , March 10th, 2011 at 10:01 PM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    I have thought of three very good commercials the Democratic Party could run in Wisconsin and across the country.

    Commercial one:
    Show several soundbites of key Republicans such as Scott Walker, Newt Gingrich, and the Senator that apologized to BP.

    Ex. While you see Scott Walker praising his legislature for passing his Union busting bill with a word overlay stating "The Governor and Legistrature took no paycuts and can still vote themselves raises." ...

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  3. Short Term vs Long Term Cont.

    by , February 16th, 2011 at 08:56 PM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    Well, it has been a while since I wrote the first part of this thought, but I have not forgotten about looking at Big Oil. Big Oil suffers the same lack of intergity as the coal industries higher ups but is magnified a hundred fold. The industry as a whole uses the same tactics for handling their image problems. When public opinion is lax, they barrel (no pun intended) ahead as usual sucking in as much profit as possible.

    However, when public tempers rise because of some accident ...

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  4. Entitlements

    by , December 16th, 2010 at 09:14 PM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    I hear Republicans constantly complaining about the entitlements that our government has created for our citizens ruining America. They state their desire to cut these programs. My answer is that I will be willing to give up my entitlement when they are willing to give up theirs.

    The GOP talks very loudly about unemployment, social security, and Medicare, but you hardly hear anything about golden parachutes or bonus payouts whether the company succeeds or fails. They are all ...
  5. Frustrated

    by , December 7th, 2010 at 10:59 PM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    I am finding myself hugely frustrated with life right now. I have become a person that can't seem to finish any projects. I have so much I want to do to fix up my house, start a small business, write stories, and paint pictures, but i find myself night after night giving in and waisting time just watching tv. Hell, I am not even playing video games.

    I use to spend days tweaking a piece of artwork and being content. Now, I can barely spend ten minutes to start work on an idea that ...
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  6. Short Term vs Long Term

    by , November 17th, 2010 at 10:02 PM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    Most people understand the concepts of short term and long term planning in their everyday life, but the effects of government and private sector planning seems to totally boggle them. I see the results in the political choices made in this country. I also see the outcome in the way businesses spin their products through turbulent times.

    Take the coal industry for example. Their best solution to the polluting nature of their product is to run ad campaigns that overemphasize the ...

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  7. Windmills on my Mind

    Lately I have been thinking of Windmills and Wind power. I get to pass a windmill farm on my way to work in Everret, PA every other week. It is in plain view of the Pennsylvania Turnpike just after the Somerset exit. I am always reminded of the movie "Warriors of the Wind", now called "Nausicaa", where the valley is filled with unique windmills for power.

    An interesting idea came to me one day while passing this wind farm. I remembered seeing a street in Pittsburgh, ...
  8. Armageddon and Me: The Conclusion

    When I started posting about “Armageddon and Me” some time ago I was responding directly to ideas I read about in P.W. Singer’s book “Wired for War”. However, always in the back of my mind were several personal thoughts that encompassed my feelings about humanities race to Armageddon. I now want to move away from the specifics of Mr. Singer’s work, which helped me express many of my core thoughts, and bring the subject to a conclusion. In addition, anyone who has read all of my posts to this ...

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  9. You do the math

    My take on the Global Warming issue:

    Proponates Side

    If they are right, we can save the planet so that we can keep going.

    If they are wrong, we waste time and money, but by shifting our economy new businesses can make that up.

    Detractors Side:

    If they are right, we waste time and money. Companies that traditionally made lots of money off of the Status Quo don't make as much or go under. Come on, has the status quo really ...
  10. Dangerous Assumption

    Today’s society, I am talking about the entire world here, has grown up with a dangerously false mindset. One that everyone has taken for granted just like the infallibility of computers before the Y2K issue came to light. We believe that the resources and available space on the earth are limitless.

    Just like we believed that everything was planned for in the computer we have come to depend on, our faith in the limitlessness of our planet is based on a misconception. With the Y2K ...
  11. The Cost of Cheap part 2: First Remove the Mote from Thine Own Eye

    Strawberries rotted in the field.
    Beaches choked with oil.
    Illegal Immigration took my job.

    Yes, these are more costs associated with the functioning of our Cheap American society. Before I dive in, I want to explain how two of these items (Oil Spills and Rotting Produce) are related to cheap, since some readers might be confused. I will tie immigration in as I proceed.

    Believe me, I understand that farmers letting strawberries go to rot ...

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  12. Nasa, get your head out of your...

    I know I am going to piss people off here, but this needs be put out there. Many people are upset that the moon program has been shelved, but I say it was the right choice. First off, I love the exploration of space as much as anyone, but this is unfortunately the cost of our greed and gullibility. In the end, Wall Street is to blame for the loss of this program, not the president.

    However, this is not the point of this post. My point is that instead of crying about what ...

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  13. Poster Child for "Drill, Baby Drill"

    BP has once again showed us the lie behind the propaganda of the oil industry. Time and time again we are told that with modern technology oil can be retrieved will little impact to the enviroment. But then, Exxon Valdez and now Luisianna. Hey Govern Jindle, what are you going to tell all the fishermen who are going to lose their livelyhood to this disaster?

    What I find funny is that the same people who vigorously push for more drilling are usually the same people that push ...

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  14. The Parable of Doubt Revealed

    by , October 21st, 2009 at 02:25 AM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    Again, I have been too subtle in the creation of a story for my own good. Because it is still being judged, I am putting my explanation here and I won't lie by saying I don't want this to help in getting votes. It is what it is as, my boss would say.

    First of all, the reason for the story. Doubt is one of the lesser appreciated themes that I feel comes out of the Bible and I wanted to write a story focusing on it. I remember vaguely the cautions given about following certain ...

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  15. My Library

    by , October 12th, 2009 at 08:07 PM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    For anyone interested, here are the books I have read listed on

    My Library

    As of now, I have only reviewed a few books but rated almost all of them. If you are loking for more information, just PM me. Enjoy.

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