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I started out by just testing the waters of what I wanted to say in this blog. I found it nice to get feedback on my thoughts and ideas. Now; however, I find it to be a place where I can vent the ideas that constantly plague me when I view what is going on in the world. At times I know I sound like a pundant, but I feel that I do try to take a more sensible look at the world, which I hope I am able to express here. In addition, I hope to find more to talk about than the politics of the world. We'll see.

  1. You do the math

    My take on the Global Warming issue:

    Proponates Side

    If they are right, we can save the planet so that we can keep going.

    If they are wrong, we waste time and money, but by shifting our economy new businesses can make that up.

    Detractors Side:

    If they are right, we waste time and money. Companies that traditionally made lots of money off of the Status Quo don't make as much or go under. Come on, has the status quo really ...
  2. Nasa, get your head out of your...

    I know I am going to piss people off here, but this needs be put out there. Many people are upset that the moon program has been shelved, but I say it was the right choice. First off, I love the exploration of space as much as anyone, but this is unfortunately the cost of our greed and gullibility. In the end, Wall Street is to blame for the loss of this program, not the president.

    However, this is not the point of this post. My point is that instead of crying about what ...

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