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Rob Garbin's Blog

I started out by just testing the waters of what I wanted to say in this blog. I found it nice to get feedback on my thoughts and ideas. Now; however, I find it to be a place where I can vent the ideas that constantly plague me when I view what is going on in the world. At times I know I sound like a pundant, but I feel that I do try to take a more sensible look at the world, which I hope I am able to express here. In addition, I hope to find more to talk about than the politics of the world. We'll see.

  1. Day Brightner

    Having had a frustrating week of itching due to a case of poison ivy, I was feeling, shall we say, less than friendly. Late last night I decided to check my podcasts for my Zune, which I had not downloaded for a while, and got a happy suprise.

    A new Squonk tale by P.M. Butler. Who is Squonk you say? Well, he is a Dragon who has appeared in two short stories read on the fantasy site I became aquainted with him in his adventure "Squonk and the horde of apprentices" ...