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    Kill spam-bots.

    The fact is that very few folks seem to hang out here in the blog section. We are the unwanted step-child of the site. Rather than a blog site for every member (and every spam-bot), why not an 'official' blog section just for you and/or Rob, or even the owner himself? Just a thought.
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    Monsters scare me. Might have to pass. Sounds huge, too.
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    It's SF, tmso. Due out in September here in UK and December in the US. Set in 2142, it's setting itself up to be an alien monster novel: as well as a monster novel (ha!).
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    I've never heard of it, sci fi? fantasy? what's it about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmso do I get it to play? I hit the OST Podcast words that like like a link, but nothing happens.

    I'm in the USA.
    Hi Tmso. Yeah, I wasn't sure if that link would work outside the UK. A click on the link should lead to it streaming, but it looks like it might not be possible for you in the US.


    I gather it may be available through iTunes, which might be another option....

  6. N. E. White's Avatar do I get it to play? I hit the OST Podcast words that like like a link, but nothing happens.

    I'm in the USA.
  7. Queen Pandora's Avatar
    Wheels of Terror, SS General, OGPU Prison... Porta, Tiny, the Legionaire, Heide, the Old Man... these stories and characters have been burned so deeply into my consciousness that they almost feel like real memories.
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    I do see where you are leaning and would agree except the trailer makes me think they are trying to strattle both serious and tongue in cheek. I find myself frustrated by such movies. When they play it serious like the beginning, I want to go that way. Then they play it cool and bad ass in a way so I think we could be doing a matrix kind of thing and I am ok with that. Then I see a Germany sidecar motorcycle driving on the moon and go wha? Any humor I get out of it is mixed up with the other stuff. Now if they handled it more like Top Secret or Spaceball, I would have no problem getting it. It may be meant to be dry and subtle humor, which in this case just doesn't work for me, but that is me. Done ranting now.
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    Thanks both.

    Sven Hassel: now there's someone I haven't read for a long long time... Wheels of Steel or something??

  10. Hobbit's Avatar
    Take your point, Rob, but I don't think the movie is meant to be serious at all in that respect.

    It reminds me a lot of the cheap and cheerfully produced movies of the 1980's, except it's not so cheap (though self-funded.)

  11. Gkarlives's Avatar
    I could have loved this if they had used more reality; come on regular guns firing in vacuum and motorcycles driving on the moon. The premise is interesting, but a mix of old German society with advancements learned by time living on the moon extrapolated from the tech of the era until now would have been better. Even an altered reality would have been better.
  12. Queen Pandora's Avatar
    Looks cool, gotta see it. Not a bad premise when you realise that Germans invented rockets; NASA recruited all their scientists after the war.
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    Different books and different authors are good at different stages of your life. When I was ten years old I was so intoxicated by The Lord of the Rings that I barely ate or slept until I had finished it. After seeing the movies a few years back, I tried to re-read it and found it heavy going. I made it through about 100 pages, but only after drinking a double espresso.

    Ditto for Sven Hassel's WWII books: I loved them as a kid, but now he seems barely literate. Guess that's why Twilight's so big - kids can read anything and enjoy it.
  14. N. E. White's Avatar
    If nothing else, a cool trailer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gkarlives
    Got to remember that your world view may have changed a lot in 20 years. Can seriously change how you see a book. i know my view of the original Covenant series has changed.
    Thanks Rob: yes, I'm finding that on some of the rereads, not that I didn't realise that already.

    Covenant would probably be the same for me too.

    This one was a shocker, though: perhaps I'm just mellowing with age!

  16. Gkarlives's Avatar
    Got to remember that your world view may have changed a lot in 20 years. Can seriously change how you see a book. i know my view of the original Covenant series has changed.
  17. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Far out some people need to relax. In our 'nanny state' society, kids are going to grow up all wrong. It seems to go too far both ways - either parents are going all Carrie's mum on their kids (in which case they might eventually blow up and not know how to handle the real world when they get out there. Or, parents become too relaxed, and kids turn out to be little *** swearing and with no respect watching horror movies and playing 15+ rated games when they're too young...

    With both my parents as teachers... I could prattle on and on about this subject but from a glimps of the situation, sounds like the parent has nothing better to do then cause problems. Some ppl need to get a life...
  18. N. E. White's Avatar
    Sounds like there's more going on here. That article makes it sound like the mother thought the teacher was reading from the internet. Which in her mind equals pornography.
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    Update, thanks to io9 (CAUTION: may not be suitable for work!):

    This suggests it might not be Ender's Game: I certainly can't remember the scene in question in Ender's, but it has been a while!

  20. Gkarlives's Avatar
    It is a sad point of fact that man is a strange and merciless being at times. I recently read Nightfall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg and the whole time I was saying to myself that there was no way a rational society could so easily fall apart like that. Then I thought again. I looked at all the crazy beliefs and close-minded ideologies that still permeate our world and found myself able to see the reality of the story. I do not find it hard to beleive this happened. There are a lot of people with loud mouths and limited views a plenty in this world. Just look at the Republican party and its base in America.
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