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  1. Shouldn't you give xxxx another chance?

    I'm not complaining, but there's rarely time to go back and reread books at SFFWorld, unless it's a special occasion or I deliberately take time to do so.

    I do try though, because as I've said before, I think looking at the past stuff is important.

    Every now and then I pick up one at random, just to see if it is how I'm remembering it.

    This weekend I picked up (by accident) Rama II by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry Lee.

    For the record, I ...
  2. Iron Sky

    Nazis return from the Moon....

    This really shouldn't work... REALLY... but watching the first few minutes

    and chucking logic totally out of the window... it might.

    And Mark Kermode, legendary BBC reviewer has seen it and liked it...

    so I am quite hopeful. Weirdly, I want it to work, though I'm not sure the Sarah Palin jokes will travel...