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    I have fond memories of the very small local library I frequented as a little girl in south Louisiana. I read my way through just about everything, many of the books several times. But I never read was too small. I walked the mile there and back, my arms loaded with books.

    There is one book I have a visual memory of, and I would give anything to refind it. But I've tried searches and never turned anything up that sounded remotely like it. It was a novel about a poor French girl, named something like Perrine. I don't recall the story, just the pretty illustrations and the name "Perrine," and that might not be accurate.

    The library in the place where I now live is full of people using the computer stations. There is no comfortable place to sit and read there, as it is small. The selection of books is very limited, as well. But for many of the people who live here, it is the only source of books and the internet outside of the schools.
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    The sad-or-amused feeling I can identify with. The little thing did apparently die in a blaze of glory.
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    I've seen Drood and considered buying it. Sounds like it's worth the money.
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