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  1. More on Drood...

    Bad picture, I know, but I wanted to show how HUGE the book is.

    It also made me think about cover art (again.)

    Here's the US cover:


    I really like the UK cover (apart from that excrusciating blurb across the top.):

  2. Nice things...

    Two nicely surprising things today.

    First, I found out that we've got a quote from an SFFWorld review on the front cover of a new book - Stephen Baxter's latest, no less:

    Can't say how nice that is. But I am very, very pleased.

    I must say that I/we never write reviews thinking about where they appear, other than the site, but it is great when I see (or more ...
  3. Update

    Two reviews up: Mike Cobley's Seeds of Earth HERE, which is a grand-slam Space Opera. If you like Peter Hamilton or Neal Asher, I think you'll like this one.

    Secondly, Christopher Ransom's Birthing House, a competent Horror novel being highlighted hard by its publishers. (HERE.) I liked parts, but not all. Nevertheless, it's good to see Horror being sold again in the UK. It's been in a lull for a while.

    Bit of a backlog there but I'm slowly catching up. The The Death ...
  4. Even later....

    Watchmen: Can't say I disagree with Robs comments HERE or the Forum comments HERE.

    It's a great movie, though Snyder has had a huge gamble here: by following the book closely but not totally (never really an option) some fans will never be happy; and by using some of the stylistic elements of the novel it may alienate some of the non-graphic-novel readers.

    But allowing for the fact that he's tried to do something near-impossible is very impressive indeed. It's clearly ...
  5. Later....

    Just back from Watchmen: though colder outside, the hail seems to have gone.

    Immediate thoughts are: hmmm. Not at all bad. The effects are stunning, the acting not bad either. Considering what this could've been, I'm pretty impressed. Apart from the group hug moment at the end...

    It is a movie I'll have to mull over, though.
  6. First post


    New toy at SFFWorld!

    OK: Let's see how far we go with this.

    Today I have mainly been... working.

    However, I am working on a couple of old reviews ready for upload and one new review: an oldie but a goodie, John Christopher's The Death of Grass first published in the UK in 1956 and out of print (or at least very difficult to get) for a long while. Undeservedly so, in my opinion.

    Review to follow, of course.
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