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    Part 7:

    Kennedy and Fleming had previously met in Washington. This accolade and the associated publicity led to a surge in sales that made Fleming the biggest-selling crime writer in the US. Fleming considered From Russia, with Love to be his best novel, although he admitted, "the great thing is that each one of the books seems to have been a favorite with one or other section of the public and none has yet been completely damned." Benson argues that Fleming had become "a master storyteller" by the time he wrote Thunderball in 1961.

    During his lifetime Fleming sold thirty million books; double that number were sold in the two years following his death. In 2008 The Times ranked Fleming fourteenth on its list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945."

    The 23 films from Eon Productions with the most recent, Skyfall, released in October 2012, have grossed more than 6 billion worldwide, and many more billion when adjusted for inflation. This makes the Bond film franchise the second highest grossing film series, behind Harry Potter.-Ron Price with thanks to 1Mark Monahan, "Ian Fleming: the man who would be Bond", The Telegraph, 11/2/'14; 2Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, a four-part mini-series which debuted in the USA on 29 January 2014, and in a two-part mini-series in Australia 2/11/'14 and 9/11/'14 at 8:30 on ABC TV, and 3 from a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi in Directives from The Guardian.

    Part 8:

    I've never really enjoyed films
    from the James Bond franchise.
    And I've never read any of his
    books; I'm not a reader of this
    who-dun-it genre, to say little
    of fiction books across a wide
    expanse of literature. But, still,
    Bond, and his creator, Fleming
    have come into my life recently
    in these years of my retirement
    from FT, PT & volunteer-work.

    Biography has come to interest
    me more & more as I have gone
    into my 50s, then 60s, and now
    70s. Ian Fleming, a lonely man,
    who seemed to like his share of
    SM sex, in addition to his large
    appetite for sex very generally,
    is most interesting and it is, for
    this reason that I have written
    the above prose-poem in these
    evening hours of my life which
    have all my sex behind me now.

    Ron Price
    4/11/'14 to 7/11/'14.
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    Belated apologies, jtbrazil, but I just saw your post today, some 18 months later.-Ron
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    Belated thanks, Gkarlives, for your welcoming note which I just saw today for the first time.-Ron
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    I think you may like one of the stories im in the process writing. If you would kindly look at my blog post and state what you think it would be much appreciated.
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    Welcome to the site.