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    It's not an edit for publication,( I wish it was) it is an edit to get the manuscript up to snuff to put under the noses of publishers!

    I am re-writing huge chunks, changing POVs, narrowing the story, even changing some of the characters relationships with each other. I am also introducing a character in the first chapter,that does not appear until the second half of the original. By doing so it plugs a big hole in the plot line that the edits will create.

    Talk about killing your darling. I am hanging, drawing and quartering it.

    But it is fun, Hobbit Just hope it does the trick...

    One thing I know I am not going to be able to do, it reduce the number of POV characters to less than 4 or 5. In the original it was nine. The plot will not jell with less.
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    You know, I can't disagree with tmso's point! Make sure you take time to enjoy the process... as much as you can.

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    Hobrook, believe it or not, I would LOVE to be in your position. Editing a new novel for PUBLICATION?!

    Come on, girl, you've got to be just about crowing right now, no?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbit
    But no doubt a useful experience. Have fun, Hol!

    Fun? I am feeling guilty each time I take a break.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kater
    Well, rather you than me then
    But no doubt a useful experience. Have fun, Hol!

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    Well, rather you than me then
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    No, it is another edit of a finished novel that has been in my agent's hands a while. We have gone over things point by point!
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    What is this logically you speak of?

    The way I see it, you've finished the draft and are now re-working. Making you way ahead of me
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    Yikes. That sounds awful.

    Good luck. :fierce, keep-a-stiff-upper-lip grin:
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    Ah, gotta do what works for you, Holbrook.

    Yikes about the pain, but great that it's gone. I can't imagine. Crossing my fingers that all my limbs remain intact and pain-free.
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    Many thanks for the congrats!!
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    very nice. gratz!
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  15. Hereford Eye's Avatar
    Waffles are good, especially with fruit-flavord syrup. Nice to hear your foot is making progress. Have a talk with your hand; point out the spiffy cooperation of the toe, tell the hand you're expecting similar progress. You just have to take charge in these things. Look at me! I told my prostate to get its act together and it did. I just forgot to talk to my bladder. I've now taken care of that, so the next organ up in the chain is the kidney. I have threatened to donate it to a pie so I'm thinking it will behave.

    Very happy to hear you're getting some writing in. Keep at it, ma'am! Invite the children home for a weekend and turn over the housecleaning to them. Tell them they must do this small favor for you in regard of prior services rendered.
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    Good job Holbrook!
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    Ah, cool! Then thank you both.
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    HE, why don't you get that novel tidied up and off to an agent. I swear it will fly...(ok, I know I am flogging a dead horse, but I will continue to "nag" you when I remember too)

    By arguing with you, Jon, he is complimenting you. He only argues with those he likes.
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    LOL. I can't decide if you are complimenting or slamming me. I guess I'll go with complimenting...?

    We each approach stories in our own way, which is one reason why writing 'instruction' is so varied and often contradictory. We can trade notes to see if something you do can help me with a problem, but that's as far as it goes.

    The outline above looks rather similar to what I would create at the start of a project (albeit about 10 pages instead of 16 lines). Then, once I have the skeleton of the story firmly in place to where I am satisfied, I start the actual writing.

    It's not better than your approach, just different.
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    Writing according to Sprunk:

    1. First Protagonist arrives in town to call villagers to war, to a battle they have little or no chance of winning. They are buying time for the rest of their people.
    2. Second Protagonist gets drafted.
    3. Flashback: First protagonists acquires allies/companions.
    4. First Protagonist organizes villagers and country side.
    5. Second Protagonist with two villagers accompany First Protagonist’ companion, now Protagonist No. 3 on a diversionary mission.
    6. Bad guy leads a raid on First Protagonist’s army.
    7. Second and Third Protagonist use magic to build a hedge defense poisonous to enemy forces.
    8. First Protagonist defeats and wipes out enemy raiders.
    9. Third Protagonist dies from using magic. Second Protagonist and two villagers discover they can use Third Protagonist’s magic – ultimately, at same cost – to complete the hedge defense.
    10. First Protagonist moves his army into defensive position to await attack from enemy forces.
    11. Second Protagonist w/companions complete hedge defense, return to join their friends and families in the First Protagonist’s army.
    12. Enemy forces attack. Those that attempt to pass the hedge defense die but word spreads and few enemy forces attempt the passage. The rest of the force confronts First Protagonist and his army.
    13. Second Protagonist loses two his companions to magic while relieving enemy cavalry of its horses.
    14. Enemy attacks, wins battle. Prepares to move against First Protagonist’s brother and the remaining defenders.
    15. Second Protagonist uses magic to save First Protagonist and his companion. Assisted by another magic user, he accomplishes the rescue but loses himself to the magic in the process.
    Bottom Line: Heroism is doing what you have to do.

    Trouble is I began writing knowing only the Second Protag and the bottom line. When the First Protag showed up, I learned he was not alone so I had to find out who his companions were and why they were there. That flashback let me see the important magic that would become the crux of the story.
    When First Protag showed up, I also learned what the war was all about and why these villagers and farmers had to become an army.
    Discovering that showed me where the Second Protag was going to discover what duty means and then how he was going to apply the knowledge.
    Each new chapter helped me take the beginning and get me and the reader to the end. Only when I was done could I put that outline together.
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