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  1. Holbrook's Avatar
    Thanks Hobbit/Mark,

    Feeling a bit better and the sale brightened the day. Hope the other three sell as well, I would love to make it into Black Static, but that is a very hard market to crack. In fact at the moment a lot of e-zines and print mags are closed to submissions, or have gone to the wall. Hard times....

    Must get back to the stories, get them written, though I am worrying the beginnings don't have a good enough hook. I should stop doing that and leave it until I have a first draft written.
  2. Hobbit's Avatar
    Congrats and sympathies there, Hol: hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. Holbrook's Avatar
    Well, the submission with Ruthlesspeoples has been accepted, so that leaves three out there.
  4. kater's Avatar
    Yet probably attracted Liam Pity Event Horizon never took off, although it seems Liam's done well with Testament and now on the huge selling Gears of War comic, EH was something different.
  5. Holbrook's Avatar
    I have a basic webpage. Not much one it yet, but I own the domain;

    As to the blog, this will do for now. I have thought about getting my 'webmaster' to add a word press blog, but we shall see.
  6. kater's Avatar
    Honestly I think certain quarters are right. Since I decided to write graphic novels and comic books the biggest thing I've found is that web presence and the use of the web as a marketing and *shudder* advertising tool is vitally important.

    Artists I want to work with normally have at least a blog, an art gallery and a deviantArt page. Writers have a minimum blog and web page. Purely because if someone spots and likes your work, there's a fair chance they'll type your name or that of the book/s into a search engine. If your blog is the top search, they get their information, you get a new reader and possibly even a dialogue with your readers. Plus it's dirt cheap to attach your own custom website address to your blog, I did with blogger for about a fiver, just imagine - <----- seems to be taken for the moment
  7. Holbrook's Avatar
    ROFL! I try not to say "my agent" too often, but it does roll off the tongue...

    Blog, yes, well, been told in certain quarters I need one, but did not fancy going back on blogger, or one of the others, and no way I wanted to go on Facebook! Did consider Twitter, but then thought, why not here, this place is more my 'home' on the net than anywhere else.
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  8. kater's Avatar
    Last person I'd thought would have a blog, but good to see Plus you know, the envy factor, agent she says offhandedly
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