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    This is a thrilling experience for me after reading. I can't say it awesome, but just a step about the average writing...
    randonnée à Paris
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Scholes
    Congratulations !
    Thank you!
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    Congratulations !
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    Thanks. I hope everyone enjoys it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kurt Brindley
    Cool trailer. Good luck.
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    Cool trailer. Good luck.
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    Score! .
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    Download a free copy of The Dark Age tomorrow!!
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    Just over one hour left on the giveaways!
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    You're welcome. I hope you'll give them a look!
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    Thanks for sharing JWHorton, interesting material _
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    Thought you might be interested, I just got served a sponsored ad for the Great Collapse over on
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    For the launch? Did that all myself. The publisher is in Perth, WA while I'm in Melbourne (in driving terms thats a 3 day straight drive)... I like to think that I have an enrepenerial streak (even if I can't spell). Did a bit of marketing during my degree and have been doing a bit of research, mocked up my own book teaser video, did my websites and so on. I've always thought that you don't know you can't do it until you try... so I'm havig a go and we'll see how it all works out considering my book isn't even out yet, success will be determined at a much later date. First aim is to sell 100 books and then go from there. If you ever wanted someone to bounce ideas off in the world of potential (not yet tried) marketing... feel free to contact me (details are on this site).
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    If you don't mind my asking, did you work through an agent or directly with the publisher?
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    Working on it... looks like I'll have a second event 6 weeks after my launch at another library... will see how we go. I'd be excited to sell 100 books, (have had 5 presales through the publisher but I bet they're just family)... will see how we go. Launch isn't til the 26th of March so have a bit of time left yet...
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    Congratulations! In this business, just getting the word out can be difficult!
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    thanks Jeff... local newspaper is going to do an article now too. Hooray.
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    You bet. Consider it done. Good luck with your release!
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    I'll trade you a click for a click... I'll go click on your like button now if you could return the favor n click on the like button on my website ? Trying to build an online presence before my book release in March...
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    If you're interested in winning a free copy of The Great Collapse, be sure to follow the link to enter for your chance to win. The contest ends February 1st.
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