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  1. A Toy Box in a Funhouse

    This has been a long time in the making. I can't make any promises as to the quality of the writing because this is a first draft. Anyhow, read it over. And please give any necessary criticism. This piece needs to shine before its publication date

    ***warning: with the recent event in American News, such as the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, as well as the mass Christian slays by ISIS affiliates, keep ...
  2. SF Reading in December 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse412 View Post
    by Brian Jacques

    I'm not generally into fantasy but I really enjoyed this. It has lots of colorful characters, swashbuckling, a mystery steeped in its own mythology and a quest for a legendary sword. The quest is genuinely exciting and the battles are tense. I felt the ending was very touching. Not sure if I should read all the sequels in the series or just cherry pick the better ones.
  3. The Hunter

    Philae's blue hair sparkled Under the open crystal sky, the low walls of the stone alley offering no protection from the glitter. No one lived out here anymore, the entire sector had been evacuated last year due to the toxic glitter growing in and blocking people's lungs. It took years of exposure, however, to end someone's life. Philae had felt safe responding to the message:Meet me in Scheyrock Alley, at six hour light. Philae was prompt, as always. She had many faults, but lateness wasn't one ...
  4. CYBERSP@CE SERIES-Book Three-NEW BEGINNINGS Available in December, 2014

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    CYBERSP@CE SERIES-Book Three-NEW BEGINNINGS Available in December, 2014

    New Beginnings
    Having achieved interstellar travel, the Earth Space Alliance has now joined the League of Sentient Species and, after a rogue planet nearly destroys the Earth, is finally ready to establish humanity's first colony in another star system. Nicole Reynolds has been selected to establish the first real home for the human race on a planet other ...
  5. IAN FLEMING ...with most of my sex behind me now: Section 1

    ...with most of my sex behind me now

    Part 1:

    "I remember an old girlfriend of Ian Fleming's saying: ‘Ian was like one of the characters in the plays of that major 19th-century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen; that character was always waiting for something wunderbar to happen to him.’ Ian has, or rather had, lots of company in this regard. Millions now wait and hope for little and large stimulus packages to come their way as they go through ...
  6. The Silent Tongue Killer

    Quote Originally Posted by Prescottfry View Post

    This is a horror story hot off the press that will get you in the mood for Halloweeeeeen.

    Thanks to my editor Anne fisher.
  7. SF Reading in October 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse412 View Post
    by Doug Wright

    This award winning play was turned into a film back in 2000. The book contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts and other debaucheries often disturbing and horrific. It examines the effects the Marquis' writings had on readers, censorship and hypocrisy. Quills depicts the last days of the Marquis de Sade at the Charenton insane asylum.
    When it's discovered

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  8. SF Reading in October 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse412 View Post
    Ultimate World
    by Hugo Gernsback

    One of his few novels and while it's not his best work by any means, it may be worth checking out for those interested in his writings. Ultimate World depicts an alien invasion and the consequences it has on the human race. The aliens, who the humans name Xenos, are so advanced that the human race is utterly helpless against them
  9. Looking for Magic and Technology?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse412 View Post
    by Roger Zelazny

    I'm not a big fan of fantasy but I enjoyed how this novel perfectly melded magic with science fiction by pitting them against each other. When the terrible and powerful wizard Det Morson was defeated his infant son was sparred and sent to live on a parallel world without magic. To maintain the balance between the worlds another baby of the same
  10. SF Reading in September 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse412 View Post
    Just finished re-reading...

    by Samuel R. Delany

    Delany makes some interesting commentary on language and how it effects the way people think and act while telling an epic outer space adventure featuring a colorful full cast of characters, espionage and plenty of action. The Earth Alliance is fighting an interstellar war with the Invaders who have developed
  11. SF Reading in August 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse412 View Post
    The Left Hand of Darkness
    by Ursula K. Le Guin

    To say this book was progressive or ahead of its time does it little justice. Le Guin gives us a fascinating look at an alien culture that examines what makes us human. An envoy from an interplanetary collective called the the Ekumen is sent to a frozen planet populated by a race of ambisexual humans. Through his eyes
  12. SF Reading in July 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse412 View Post
    Pebble In The Sky
    by Isaac Asimov

    Considered part of the Galactic Empire series which I have not read more of. Literally between footsteps Joseph Schwartz, a retired suburban tailor from Chicago finds himself thrown tens of thousands of years into the future. Asimov very effectively uses the fish-out-of-water trope to introduce the reader to a future where Earth is mostly

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  13. SF Reading in June 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse412 View Post
    At the Earth's Core

    by Edgar Rice Burroughs

    Recently reread what is probably my favorite Edgar Rice Burroughs story. This book features some of Burroughs' finest world building and wastes no time getting right into the action. After a brief prologue where the narrator reveals that this story was told to him by a man he encountered while on safari in Africa,
  14. Labor Day Weekend Giveaway!

    Labor Day Weekend Giveaway!

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    Hi Everyone.

    I wanted to announce an upcoming Labor Day Weekend Giveaway of an eBook copy of my latest release,[book:Frontiers|22015435], a family-friendly, science-fiction thriller. Just click on the link below Saturday, August 30 - Monday, September 1.

    Fair reviews are appreciated!

    Book Trailer for Frontiers:
  15. I have no idea why I'm doing this... (Google Docs) Background on Knecht Ruprecht

    As the title says, I have literally no idea why I'm doing this, but here is a Google Docs link to a draft of a fantasy story I'm working on based on folklore about the character of Knecht Ruprecht.

    For those who might be thinking "What the hell is she talking about?", Knecht Ruprecht is basically a Santa's helper/gift-giver. In some regions of Germany (although it's not clear exactly which regions, from what I've heard I'd have to say he's better known in the northern ...
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