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  1. New blog software

    Welcome to the new blog section.

    I've now installed a brand new blog software that is fully integrated with the discussion forum. Hopefully this will prove to be a much better and more professional solution for blogs than the previous one.


    Updated March 8th, 2009 at 07:12 AM by daigoro

    sffworld information
  2. Process expanded part 1

    Changed the name of the blog, ranting is out, the multiverse was bored of hot air

    Last post was a bit of a jumble and I didn't really make as much sense as I would like, so I'm going to throw up a few examples of what the hell I was on about.

    This is a comic book page:

    Larger version here: ...

    Updated August 18th, 2009 at 02:07 PM by kater

  3. New dragonized book cover

    Originally posted on October 1, 2009...

    I finished Labyrinth of Fire (for now) and have sent out a couple of copies for proofing. One went to my brother Darren in England, who has one or two eyes for detail and is a qualified proofreader. Another went to Laura Canning, who is Irish but currently living in Australia. She's a journalist, author and proofreader. I might send out a couple more proofs shortly.


    Updated October 3rd, 2009 at 01:37 PM by Keith Robinson

    Progress and updates on novel writing
  4. Book Events

    I love book signings, even when I'm not the one sitting behind the table with pen in hand. I guess it's the air of excitement, the chance to see that rare creature -- a publisher author -- live and in the flesh. For most of us who have spent a significant part of our lives with our noses pressed into a book, authors are like exotic animals. They live far away and you usually only get to see one on TV or in a magazine. Book events are a chance to get up close and semi-personal. If you're lucky, the ...
  5. The Value of Science Fiction in the Real World

    Some of the greatest books, movies, and stories ever produced were Science Fiction books, movies, and stories. But is Science Fiction good for anything other than entertainment?

    I say Yes! Science Fiction is essential for technological, social, and scientific progress.

    First, Science Fiction inspires inventors, engineers, scientists, and others to create new technologies and to explore new areas of science. It opens one's mind to what is possible. Would scientists today ...
  6. Get a FREE copy of my latest short story.

    I've been a huge fan of ebooks ever since I got my Kindle a year ago. It's so much easier to read on a Kindle than on paper. Every book can be a large print edition, and there tends to be a greater selection at much better prices.

    This week is "Read an eBook Week", and to celebrate, I'm offering my latest short story, The Hook (a Wandering Koala tale) as a FREE download for ALL ebook platforms this ...
  7. Scariest Book Cover

    So: what's your scariest Book Cover?

    Here's one that my dad had, that I found at the bottom of the bookshelf at about the age of 5. Frightened the bejeebus out of me and turned me into a quivering wreck, when there was just me and it in the bottom of a wardrobe one day....

    And now... nothing to it. Plasticene.

    Actually, there was also this one, which was one I actually ...

    Updated March 29th, 2010 at 06:41 AM by Hobbit

  8. ET Disease 101

    I am a new member and relatively new to blogging. I am a veterinary pathologist and have taught at two medical schools and one veterinary medical school, so my knowledge of both animal and human medicine is extensive. My novels and many of my short stories deal with aspects of disease and medicine. A major subplot of my novel, The Galactic Circle Veterinary Service, deals with disease in aliens. My blog also addresses aliens and disease, so I won't repeat all ...
  9. Kickstart Failed, But We Didn't

    In spite of Kickstarter, flakey actors, and unexpected expenses, I, Creator 2: Goddess Of The Hunt is happening.!/...46345185435657

    The production is moving forward:

    Nothing is going to stop us now:

  10. The checkout chick

    “Hello sir how are you today?” Asked the checkout chick with no reply. “Good morning sir how’s the weather outside?” A dumb look on his face appears. Oh aren’t you so chatty she thought to herself and put his groceries through. “Have a good day” she said as he left. Thank God she thought to herself and went onto the next customer.

    “Hello how are you today?” “Do you really wanna know?” the customer snapped. No it’s what I have to say to all customers you idiot is what she really wanted ...
  11. The Ride of Life

    Ride out my child,
    Go set yourself free,
    Practice guitar or maybe the law,
    Teach or preach,
    Live on the beach,
    Just don’t forget,
    To sometimes look back,
    For if you do,
    The future will come to you
  12. What Would Rob Do?: The Kobayashi Maru

    Check out my solution in my regular feature: 'What Would Rob Do?'

    Rob Sanders Speculative Fiction - What Would Rob Do?: The Kobayashi Maru
  13. My "Alien Hunter, Star Trooper" e-book novella to be free on Amazon for 5 days

    From 12.01am Monday 16 July to 11.59pm Friday 20 July US Pacific time.

    This should be the link:

  14. Table Theory of Characterisation

    Quote Originally Posted by SilentDan View Post
    Anyone heard of this? Anyone ever attempted to write a 'dinner table scene'? Anyone *succeeded* at such a scene (made one that's interesting in and of itself)?
  15. THE END, MY FRIEND [Prelude to the Apocalypse] by KIRBY WRIGHT

    This is a sort of prequel to THE HUNGER GAMES, that is, what happened to society to get us to that point. The main characters are pregnant Evo and Tony and they flee the suburbs of Southern California for "the Northern Territories," and end up at a secret lake in Oregon. The chapters have an episodic feel because new threats are constantly threatening this 30-Something couple in their quest to find safe haven in a world that knows no rules. I actually found this more compelling than ...
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