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  1. Free novel for a review

    Hi Everyone!

    I feel I need to get the word out more about my novels. In an effort to help do that, I thought it might help to get more reviews posted on Amazon, Goodreads, etc., and to get people blogging and talking about them more as well.

    Therefore, for a limited time only, if anyone's interested in reviewing an eBook copy of one or more of my novels in exchange for posting a positive review (assuming you liked it of course) on Amazon and Goodreads, please let ...
  2. Short story of mine to be podcast on Beam Me Up Podcast Site

    by , September 15th, 2012 at 04:37 AM (David Scholes Blog)
    Narrated by Paul Cole - it will first be podcast on the WRFR site: in Paul's 4-5pm segment (he says about 4-15pm) Saturday 15 Sept (local time Rockland, Maine).

    Then later that day it should be available from the Beam Me Up site:

    Also just making my "Essential Reading in Science Fiction" collection of short stories available ...

    Updated September 16th, 2012 at 01:18 AM by David Scholes

  3. Excerpt from the Upcoming Novel: CYBERSP@CE

    Excerpt from CYBERSPACE:

    "It was the storm that would forever change the course of human destiny.

    A small, curly-haired boy sat frozen in anticipation, watching it from the edge of an old, olive-colored, chair. From his seat in front of a large, living room window, he peered out into the night, gazing in awe at the fierce, frequent displays of lightning, which appeared in stark contrast to the blackness of the dark, western night. Many of the vengeful flashes ...