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  1. Vocation and avocation


    Part 1:

    One of the many definitions of happiness is having an aim in life. Having an aim in life can be expressed in many ways, one of which is to have both a vocation and an avocation. An avocation is sometimes defined as a diversion or a hobby. A vocation is sometimes referred to as a calling. Both words can be applied to one’s work or profession. Until I was 23 I did not have a profession, nor did I have a sense of a calling. By my late teens ...

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  2. Mag Submissions

    So, I have been ever so productive.
    As long as I can keep this up it will, I hope, only be a matter of time before I get accepted somewhere.
    I have submitted two more stories, one to Lightspeed mag and one to Strange Horizons. I hope they can reply quickly with their rejections so that I can send both those stories elsewhere. I do not believe that they will accept either of my stories - I wish to grow my collection of rejections. Once it becomes ordinary I will no longer feel that ...