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  1. I have no idea why I'm doing this... (Google Docs) Background on Knecht Ruprecht

    As the title says, I have literally no idea why I'm doing this, but here is a Google Docs link to a draft of a fantasy story I'm working on based on folklore about the character of Knecht Ruprecht.

    For those who might be thinking "What the hell is she talking about?", Knecht Ruprecht is basically a Santa's helper/gift-giver. In some regions of Germany (although it's not clear exactly which regions, from what I've heard I'd have to say he's better known in the northern ...
  2. Excerpt from the New Science-Fiction Novel, Frontiers

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    His ship continued skimming the ocean no more than a hundred meters above its surface. He soon came across a number of large, circular, majestic cities, which sat atop platforms that rose from the ocean’s floor every hundred kilometers or so, floating high above the ocean waves below, evidently drawing power from the tidal energy of the ocean churning beneath them. Large cities also dotted the many landmasses, though there remained a significant amount ...

    Updated August 13th, 2014 at 12:26 AM by JWHorton

    Novel's by Jeff W. Horton
  3. The rulers above Volume 1: The Traitor's fool.

    Hello everyone, my epic fantasy is now available to buy on Amazon! It is the first part to probably one of the most passionate, angelic stories ever made before. Think of Lord of the rings but with angels. It is very creative and imaginatively n treating. I hope you all enjoy. :-)
  4. In Flux - What's Good and Bad Now

    It seems lately that my life trend features "rejection letters" quite a bit, specifically friends of mine are receiving damaging rejection letters, the type of which actually catalog why a potential writer should simply quit because they are "talent less." Personally, I would suspect that if I had a publishing house that was actually doing it's job and keeping busy, I would not have time to submit a written list of proof as to why an author is crummy. I'd be too busy looking ...
  5. Cleaning up

    by , May 10th, 2014 at 10:08 PM (Snappy Blog Title TK)
    Well, I'm finally starting to revisit Burnout Blackout, my 2013 National Novel Writing Month effort, and part 1 over on wattpad is now cleaned up of the most obvious typographical errors from November last and is now posted.

    Sadly, this is another form of procrastination, as I'm doing this instead of working on a non-fiction project, but it is writing, so....

    It's getting closer to being worked on, I have a first reader and a topic, and proofing writing is a lot closer ...
  6. Published author now

    Wow. I'm a published author now. My writing group decided to put a short story anthology together to celebrate our group turning 18. (everything's legal by that age, in Australia) is the link. is the AU version, but I don't think many here will need that one.

    Check it out. Not just because I'm in it. It's actually pretty darn good on its own merits. *handed a note* OOOH, I'm supposed to be *humble*.
  7. Frontiers is Now Available

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    I'm very excited to announce that FRONTIERS, a Christian Sci-Fi novel, is now available.

    Here's a blurb about Frontiers, a link to find it on Amazon, and a link to the book trailer. I hope you'll give ...
  8. I'm very excited that FRONTIERS, my latest novel and the second book in the Cybersp@c

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    *A Dream to Unite Humanity...*
    Scientists discover the technology to successfully construct Earth's first interstellar spacecraft, code named Frontier. Hank Reynolds, a gifted and courageous test pilot for the United States Air Force, is assigned to test
    pilot humanity's first interstellar spacecraft on a historic flight to Alpha Centauri. Under the command of the fledgling Earth Space Alliance the ...

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    Just days left until the May 1st release of FRONTIERS: Book Two in the CYBERSP@CE Series!

    To find out more visit

    To read CYBERSP@CE: Book One in the Cybersp@ce Series

    FRONTIERS: Book Two in the CYBERSP@CE Series

    Available May 1st, 2014

    *A Dream to Unite Humanity...*
    Scientists discover the technology ...
  10. The cybersp@ce series

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    CYBERSP@CE: Book One

    CYBERSP@CE is a fast-paced, sci-fi espionage story, with ingredients of international intrigue, artificial intelligence, action, suspense, and romance. Set mostly in the Nevada desert, Cybersp@ce includes cyber warfare between nation states, the fantastic virtual world of an alien computer, and the hunt for one of the world's greatest spies.

    From inside their ...
  11. Woot!

    Just up-dated my personal blog with all the exciting new of the recent few days.
  12. Firefly Blog

    This week's article on Black Gate explores 2 more episodes of Firefly. We're in the home stretch now.
  13. Arwen's Blog

    Recently I've been on a roll listening to the Original concept album of Evita-- in particular the Lament, the last song in the musical which was cut down.
    "The choice was mine and mine completely,
    I could have any prize that I desired,
    I could burn with the splendour of the brightest fire
    Or else, or else I could choose time."

    I think the song is incredible; in particular the lyrics. I could burn with the splendour of the brightest fire ...

    Updated Yesterday at 10:46 PM by Arwen Evenstar

  14. Why I will never, ever, EVER shop at Best Buy again

    by , January 31st, 2014 at 08:09 PM (Snappy Blog Title TK)
    So I bought a Beats Pill for Kim for Christmas. It was the wrong color ( I knew it was the wrong color when I bought it, Red was out of stock at the time, staff assured me I could trade it later). Kim called every week to ask if the color she wanted was available. Finally, Red is available, I go in to exchange it, on the day we found out it was available. They refused to hold one of the red ones *(should have raised a flag then and there). Great customer service story is already starting.
  15. Book 3: The Liar's Prophecy

    by , January 20th, 2014 at 06:18 PM (Task Force: Gaea)
    "Even death cannot protect you from your past."—the tagline of the third novel in the Task Force: Gaea series, The Liar's Prophecy. No spoilers to follow.

    The third installment of this series picks up not long after Memory's Curse ends, and the members of the United Nations Task Force: Gaea—Aegis, Talon, Aether, and Zodiak—will encounter something that has had millennia to fester with a deep-seated yearning for vengeance. While the gods possess the powers of the natural ...
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