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  1. Mag Submissions

    So, I have been ever so productive.
    As long as I can keep this up it will, I hope, only be a matter of time before I get accepted somewhere.
    I have submitted two more stories, one to Lightspeed mag and one to Strange Horizons. I hope they can reply quickly with their rejections so that I can send both those stories elsewhere. I do not believe that they will accept either of my stories - I wish to grow my collection of rejections. Once it becomes ordinary I will no longer feel that ...
  2. Cool, Didn't know my account even came with a blog.

    Well this is cool.
    Hello all and Welcom to my SSFworld blog. I was unaware that I had a blog here but now that I know I will try to keep it up to date with what I am doing with my writing.
    I am in the process of submitting at least one short storie a week to a speculative fiction magazine. This week I have sent out stories to two mags. The first being Clarksworld which I was swiftly rejected by, and the second being Catesbury which is more like a written version of The Twilight Zone. ...
  3. My Speculative Fiction The Ultimate Collection book now in paperback form

    by , September 25th, 2012 at 07:06 AM (David Scholes Blog)
    Currently on Lulu:

    It will be available on the Amazon sites in due course.

    Bewildering Stories are scheduled to publish an excerpt from it on 22 October and an excerpt from my Soldier of the Brell novella on 9 October.

  4. Belated update

    Have lapsed on the Blog recently: apologies. Been busy either with work or reading.

    Currently reading David Wingrove's third Chung Kuo book for review. Great stuff: glad to be back. Complex plotting, good range of characters.

    Review for this week will be Christopher Fowler's The Water Room, which I loved. Bryant and May are great. Surprised how much I love these books.


  5. I, Creator 2 - Goddess Of The Hunt - Promo Showing Over

    135+ new people got to view the film.

    What's next?

    A Five Minute Preview for I, Creator - The Series

    The editing for the preview has begun.
  6. Free novel for a review

    Hi Everyone!

    I feel I need to get the word out more about my novels. In an effort to help do that, I thought it might help to get more reviews posted on Amazon, Goodreads, etc., and to get people blogging and talking about them more as well.

    Therefore, for a limited time only, if anyone's interested in reviewing an eBook copy of one or more of my novels in exchange for posting a positive review (assuming you liked it of course) on Amazon and Goodreads, please let ...
  7. Short story of mine to be podcast on Beam Me Up Podcast Site

    by , September 15th, 2012 at 04:37 AM (David Scholes Blog)
    Narrated by Paul Cole - it will first be podcast on the WRFR site: in Paul's 4-5pm segment (he says about 4-15pm) Saturday 15 Sept (local time Rockland, Maine).

    Then later that day it should be available from the Beam Me Up site:

    Also just making my "Essential Reading in Science Fiction" collection of short stories available ...

    Updated September 16th, 2012 at 01:18 AM by David Scholes

  8. Excerpt from the Upcoming Novel: CYBERSP@CE

    Excerpt from CYBERSPACE:

    "It was the storm that would forever change the course of human destiny.

    A small, curly-haired boy sat frozen in anticipation, watching it from the edge of an old, olive-colored, chair. From his seat in front of a large, living room window, he peered out into the night, gazing in awe at the fierce, frequent displays of lightning, which appeared in stark contrast to the blackness of the dark, western night. Many of the vengeful flashes ...
  9. Wow, another 5 star review!

    by , September 14th, 2012 at 03:24 PM (Darkfell - the Fiction of Sam Medina)
    Well, we got another 5 star review for Katarina the Dragonslayer and the Foebreaker's Curse!

    "What can I say about this book but WOW! I was immensely impressed with this fantastic story and I do not read a lot of fantasy. This book reminded me of LOTR or Narnia. If you are a lover of the fantasy genre then you will become an instant fan of Sam Medina." - The Kindle Book Review

    Read the rest of the review HERE.

  10. Giveaway of a Paperback Copy of The Way of Nacor: Tales of Eden

    Hi Everyone!

    There are a couple of giveaways underway now for paperback copies of my YA fantasy/Sci-Fi novel entitled The Way of Nacor.

    Blog Giveaway Contest:

    Goodreads Giveaway (Less than two weeks remaining)

    (US, CA, GB, and AU only for Goodreads giveaway) ...
  11. My new book

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know about my book. It's called 'The One Known As Ace'
    It's about a young man named Troy who loses his foster mother in a house fire. Upon her seath Troy learns that she used to be a scientist in a terrorist organization called Tovlin. She was killed because she betrayed the organization twelve years ago.
    Now Troy must use a power that had been long dormant inside of him to hunt down the people responsible for his foster mother's death. ...
  12. A little introduction.

    I'm Teeny. I'm 26. I'm from Eastern NC, I spent the first 22 years of my life there. Then wandered to Orlando, FL for 2 years. I've now been in the general LA area for 2 years and the minute I saw California from the air I was in love. I've only fallen more in love, with both California and Eddie, the love of my life, whom I met here through a close friend in Orlando. I've also fallen in love with sailing. The ocean has always been a big part of my life, as has adventuring and sailing is ...
  13. I, Creator 2 - Goddess of the Hunt - One Week Promo

    See the full 22 minute pilot for free this week.

    Just scroll to the flashing icons here.

    I will begin work on a 5 minute preview for the TV series this coming week.
  14. My past, my shadow

    I took a week off work this week with my fiancee.
    Drove up the coast of Sydney, 5 hour drive to see his parents.
    Unfortunately I had to pass by these signs which triggered some painful memories from my past.
    Sadly it's unavoidable, I do accept it.

    Today I was back home and we had to go to my work to do a little shopping.
    I was talking with some of my workmates.
    One who mentioned I look happy,that I am always happy.
    Tonight I thought about ...
  15. DragonCon 2012

    My write-up of this past weekend's DragonCon experience:
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