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  1. Review on Juniper Grove :)

    I'd just like to take the time to thank Jaidis Shaw from Juniper Grove for her time and lovely review.

    4/5 trees. Life is good!

    For those in the US, check out her site as she's got a give away going. There's only 3 copies of QOTD in the US (that I know of) so here's your chance!
  2. Trudi Canavan signing

    Was lucky to go to a Trudi Canavan book signing last night. Well attended: about 100 or so people.

    I love watching book signings. What impressed me most was the way that there were young and old, male and female. Some families had travelled from Birmingham to Nottingham for the experience, a distance of about 50 miles.

    Some were buying new books, some had brought their collections to sign, some had pristine copies, others had well used and battered favourites.
  3. Into major book stores... well, book store :)

    Confirmed... book signing on the 9th of July in Collins book store Northland Shopping Centre.

    Copies of my actual book in store... will have to take a photo
  4. For those of you who are familiar with CreatorofPreten

    CreatorofPreten is my other account. I couldn't find my password one day ... and then I wanted to change my username anyway ... but she and I are the same person. Just thought I should let people know that. I wasn't sure where to put it.

    And yes, this is simply horrid sentence structure. LOL
  5. Life imitates art imitates life imitates art imitates...

    by , May 18th, 2011 at 08:07 AM (Snappy Blog Title TK)
    Now that the news on Timothy Ray Brown has broken, (and presuming it holds up to scientific scrutiny), is anyone thinking of Virtual Light besides me? I seem to recall that character even had a "Ray" in their name.


    P.S. Bonus points to whoever puts the hardcover page that oblique reference to the AIDS vaccine posited by Gibson appears, so I can look it up for myself.

    Well, after (on the second try) remembering to grab my copy of Virtual ...

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  6. "Lufer-Ma'ar and the Otherworld" merchandise!

    I sort of view this as an innovation. I've never before seen an author sell any merchandise aside from their novel, unless, of course, you are J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer, but I'm a little guy in the literary world, and no big company is distributing my merchandise to major stores.
    Now available on my website is a CafePress shop that I have titled "Otherworld Village."
    There are three designs currently available that you can buy as either a t-shirt, hoodie, baseball ...
  7. GRRM Has Made Me See the Light

    So Iíve read the first seven of Terry Goodkindís Sword of Truth books after watching and enjoying the TV show Legend of the Seeker which was based (loosely) on those books.


    Donít judge me.

    Of the seven I read, I really enjoyed two (Stone of Tears and Soul of the Fire) I thought three were okay (Wizardís First Rule, Blood of the Fold and Faith of the Fallen) and I really hated the other two (Temple of the Winds and The Pillars of Creation ...
  8. Works in progress

    The works I am presently outlining are:
    Prospekt's March
    The Queen of Arcadia

    The first is a discourse on World War II, intelligence, and optimism. It will be a novel - and yes, it is based off an album by Coldplay. I doubt it will get published, but I would still love to write it.

    The second is an ancient poem-style epic about the founding of civilization following the discovery of a DJ rig in a glade in Arcadia. It discusses ...
  9. Forums and Blog on my website.

    There is a member's area on my website that you can long into and participate in the forums or comment on my blog there.
    The forum includes sections for discussion on my stories, Fantasy in general, and Off-Topic discussions. There is also an area for Fan Fiction, as long as the Copyright Laws are not violated, and an area where you can post your own short stories to share with my fans and with me for my own personal enjoyment. I always am delighted to read a follow writer's work.

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  10. Lufer-Ma'ar and the Otherworld (About)

    I published my short story, "Lufer-Ma'ar and the Otherworld" to the Short Stories section of this website. I love talking about my stories, and considering this is the place to do that, I will do so.
    This story was inspired by an odd dream I'd had about sink faucet travel (it was a Benadryl induced dream, considering I have quite severe allergies, and Benadryl is infamous for strange, vivid dreams) and a story that a co-worker had told me about his son having a dream that a doctor ...
  11. Introduction, introduction . . .

    Hello everyone,

    I would just like to introduce myself to all of the members
    My name is Arjay Murray, and am a writer of Surreal and Epic Fantasy. I have been practicing this art since the age of fourteen, and currently have two self-published* short stories available for free on my website.
    I am planning to post those short stories to the forums, so that you can all enjoy them here.
    Also, I am working on a series of Epic Fantasy novels, which I ...

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  12. OMG! A Readable Blurb!

    I think I've finally hit on an angle for a readable blurb! I'm horrible at these kinds of things, and I just realized why: I've been trying to *describe* the story instead of *sell* the story!

    Every time I started writing a blurb, I began at the beginning, which locked me down in the number of ways I could introduce things and made my book sound like a hundred others out there. But the "beginning" is a prologue (yeah, I know) and while it's very important to the story, ...
  13. best lost sci-fi novel of all time

    I'm trying to get my hands on Gath the Death Dealer's series by Frank Frazetta and the dude who created Spawn. Anyone know how to get at it?
  14. Meet Lou Anders

    Check out my interview with Pyr Books Editorial Director Lou Anders.
  15. Revision

    by , May 5th, 2011 at 12:01 AM (Snappy Blog Title TK)
    Well, it's no secret I send things out based on the theme calendars on duotrope and the condensed list based on it that I post here.

    But one of the anthologies I submitted to had a great email from the editor that was sent to all the submitters at the close of the submissions period.

    I asked Hollie if I could share it here and with her permission, here it is:

    (Edit: This isn't the whole email, just the good bits about editing).

    Quote Originally Posted by Hollie Snider

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