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  1. Cybersp@ce

    Wow, was all Nick said, as he watched the huge alien spacecraft stop when it arrived over their location at S-4. It was beautiful, a circular, saucer-shaped craft. It had considerably more detail than anything hed ever seen before. There were numerous, square shaped portals all around the craft, and there was a center ring underneath, which rotated in the opposite direction from the larger outer ring. The immense craft from another world filled the sky above them"
  2. Frontiers, the sequel to the techno-Thriller, Cybersp@ce, is Ready to go to Publisher

    I've finished the pre-submittal round of re-writes and edits for Frontiers, my sixth novel, and the sequel to the techno-thriller, Cybersp@ce and I'll soon be submitting the manuscript to the publisher. Frontiers will be the second book in the Cybersp@ce Trilogy. Here's a little information about it...

    "Scientists at Area 51 have finally been able to reverse-engineer alien technology recovered from Roswell, to build Earth's first interstellar craft. Hank Reynolds, the man chosen ...
  3. The writing process

    by , June 2nd, 2013 at 04:47 PM (Snappy Blog Title TK)
    Well, if you didn't see the May 1 broadcast of Modern Family, with Jay struggling to create a page of his spy thriller, well, I found it hysterical.

    Here's information on "Career Day."

    One bit (and there are more, please, that are funnier)


    God, I am so procrastinating.

    Updated September 6th, 2013 at 09:38 PM by expatrie (added youtube link because I'm procrastinating.)

  4. Now available

    I really don't have any other way to let folks on this site know about the release of my novel than to a shameless post. For here goes:

    My first novel is now available in paperback. For information about my novel, go to To pre-order the book, visit
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  5. Cybersp@ce

    Maria Elena Williams's review May 01, 13
    5 of 5 stars
    Read in March, 2013

    "Suspense to the limit. Didn't want to put it down. Makes you stop and think this could happen today..."

    Updated June 7th, 2013 at 05:11 PM by JWHorton

  6. EXCERPT: From 2013 Techno-Thriller: Cybersp@ce

    "A large section of the smaller, badly damaged craft lay intact in the field a hundred yards from them. Brush was burning in orange flames all around the crash site. About that time the clouds began to part and a full moon revealed itself, bathing the entire scene with enough light that they could now clearly see the reflective, metallic substance which was strewn all over the field.
    Weve got to get back to the house and call the army base in Roswell, Jake said, pointing to something ...
  7. EXCERPT: From 2013 Techno-Thriller: Cybersp@ce

    Excerpt from: Cybersp@ce...

    "The rain gradually eased up as they made their way toward the lights, the object slowly came into view. Two things soon became evident to Jake Summers. First, whatever the thing was that had crashed near his home, it was enormous, much larger than he had expected. He had thought Henry might be exaggerating, but he could now see that his son had not told the half of it. Second, the craft was definitely not an airplane, but more like what Henry had ...
  8. I'm not dead!

    by , May 14th, 2013 at 09:56 AM (Snappy Blog Title TK)
    I've just been sucked under by a work-nami.

    That and the current piece I'm working on is not going well. I'm encountering some kind of personal resistance to the topic, I guess. Call it Horror-block.

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  9. EXCERPT: From 2013 Techno-Thriller: Cybersp@ce

    Excerpt from the 2013 Thriller: Cybersp@ce

    I was still a young boy living in Corona, New Mexico in 1947, when I saw something crash near there. We thought at first it was a plane, but when we went to check for survivors, we found it wasnt an airplane at all, but something else.
    Oh, no, youve got to be kidding! Are you saying that a spacecraft from another world really did crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?
    Thats precisely what Im telling you, Dr. ...
  10. EXCERPT: From 2013 Techno-Thriller: Cybersp@ce

    Cybersp@ce, by Jeff W. Horton

    July 2, 1947-Corona, New Mexico

    It was the storm that would forever change the course of human destiny.
    A small, curly-haired boy sat frozen in anticipation, watching it from the edge of an old, olive-colored chair. From his seat in front of a large living room window, he peered out into the night, gazing in awe at the fierce, frequent displays of lightning which appeared in stark contrast to the blackness of the dark, western night. ...
  11. exercise equipment

    by , April 3rd, 2013 at 07:42 PM (Snappy Blog Title TK)
    let's be realistic. all exercise equipment for in home use should also do something else so it actually gets used. ours would, with some modification, make an excellent drying rack for clothes. I could see treadmill toasters, elliptical chairs, bicycles with a fan mounted in them, a dehumidifier would be nice.

    Updated May 14th, 2013 at 09:50 AM by expatrie

  12. Five-Star Review for Cybersp@ce

  13. Sci-Fi Short to Screen at Bare Bones Film Festival

    I, Creator 2: Goddess of the Hunt will screen at the Bare Bones International Film Festival on April 9 at 3:30PM in the Azalea Screening Room in Muskogee, OK.
  14. Work is Progressing on FRONTIERS, the Sequel to CYBERSP@CE

    I'm making great progress on the re-writes of my sixth novel, FRONTIERS, the sequel to Cybersp@ce and the second novel in the trilogy. I'm approaching the halfway point on the re-writes. I'll post on my blog and website when it goes into publication, hopefully by summer of this year (2013).
  15. Excerpt from The Way of Nacor: Tales of Eden

    Excerpt from the YA/Juvenile Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, THE WAY OF NACOR: TALES OF EDEN:

    "They were all surprised when Plator was followed closely by several others, but this time they were neither human nor rephaim, but rather some strange creatures. The new arrivals were dark green in color with scales. Like the rephaim, they too had four arms, but thats where the resemblance ended. The creatures had heads that were snakelike, most certainly reptilian in nature, with eyes like ...
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