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  1. Aa

    awhile ago
    an accusing austin
    alleged again and again
    aunt agnes allowed
    allan, andrew and alice
    an apple after an apple
    as anne, adam, apollo and angelina
    ate appetizing american avocado
    after avocado
    as aunt anastasia
    ate an abalone alone a
    t albert’s apartment
    all afternoon
  2. hymn of a soul


    It was a well-to-do month
    When I attended a well-to-do cocktail party
    In a well-to-do private club
    During a well-to-do hour
    where I met well-to-do people
    Dressed in well-to-do evening clothes
    With well-to-do looks
    who spoke in well-to-do tones
    while sipping their well-to-do drinks
    cracking well-to-do jokes
    laughing well-to-do laughter
    and discussing well-to-do topics
    I spotted ...
  3. jobless-jacob mtuweta mdari

    it’s energy going to waste
    it’s painful
    it’s dependency
    it’s despair
    it’s unemployment, though not the end of the world
    it’s discouraging……………..but still we hope and dream on

    it means living like a beggar
    it means not having money in the pocket
    it means not being able to pay the rent
    it means not being able buy your mother a gold chain
    it means not being able buy your father a seiko watch
    it means being beaten………………..but ...
  4. like a lion- jacob m mdari

    like a lion
    like a radar its nose picks up the scent
    like a telescope its eyes spot the prey
    like a shadow it moves towards its quarry
    like a picture it freezes when the prey gets suspicious l
    ike a train it starts again, to glide smoothly towards the prey
    like a sniper, it tries to keep out of sight
    like a flash it strikes …….. but misses
    like a spirit after a soul it does not give up
    like a true fighter it starts again ...
  5. i met a girl mama-jacob mtuweta mdari


    I met a girl mama
    Who isn’t as dark as us
    But who is as light
    As the sole of washed feet
    With eyes the colour of the sky
    And hair that’s as soft
    As wool and as long as
    The gnu’s tail
    Her slim figure reminds me of
    My two young sisters

    I met a girl mama
    Whose smile is as bright
    And refreshing as that of
    Any girl from the plains
  6. In my soul-jacob mtuweta mdari

    in my soul

    i sat in a corner last night
    and descended into the depths of my soul
    where i saw
    suspicion and distrust
    for the one whom i call my "leader"
    and dislike for the establishments
    that have caused pain among my people
    i saw a hypocritical soul
    which was no different from what it disliked
    a soul as bad as the rest

    i sat in a corner last night
    and descended into the depths of my soul ...
  7. A god like me

    a god like me

    i promised myself
    the next time you’d walk past me
    i’ll say “hi”
    and if you respond to my “hi” with a smile
    then i’ll add
    “what a lovely smile you have”
    and if you respond positively to my compliment
    then i’ll push my luck further
    and ask you
    to allow me to have fresh lilies
    sent to you
    cause you strongly remind me of them
    then i’ll ask for your name
    though i have known it for ...
  8. Ign's favorite horror movies

    Check Ign's top horror movies in the 13 days of fright
  9. The Secret history of science fiction

    Tachyon Publications has a new anthology out called The Secret History of Science Fiction. It centers around a subject that has sparked countless debates and rants among Science Fiction fans. And no, it's not River Tam vs. James T. Kirk.

    Editors James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel have collected these nineteen stories to explore the supposed divide between mainstream literature and speculative fiction. They've written an eye-opening and informative introduction as well as compiled ...
  10. Mea Culpa

    I should have a sign up around here saying 'Here lies he who is rubbish at keeping a blog'. Seriously you should see my personal one, it's updated about once every two months and I paid 10 bucks for the name to boot.

    It's dark here in the UK now at the time I usually have tea, about 5pm. I love it, runs in the dark with your breath pluming out in front, nary a soul on the pavements because it's too sodding cold. Long nights in the comfy chair reading and writing.

    It's ...
  11. Autumn....

    OK: first post since the clocks changed here back to GMT - so it's now dark by about 5pm here at Hobbit Towers. Love this time of year, sitting in the warm with a good book.

    And I have a few on the go at the minute, all vaguely Halloween-y.

    Jim Butcher's White Night, Lovecraft's Collected Stories, Roald Dahl's Collected Stories, lots to choose from. Including the amazing Library of America 2-volume set of American Fantastic Tales, edited by Peter Straub, which is a ...
  12. "Ringturn" Fast Moving New SF Title for YA market

    "Ringturn" Fast Moving Action packed SF novel published by Local Legend Publishing September 2009, by British Author John C. Mawson:

    Sundered from Earth during the time of the Black Death, frightened and bewildered humans are transported by benign aliens to a planet of a nearby star. Slowly they recover and a much changed society flourishes; science is re-learnt and discoveries are made.

    A scientist, Sir Giles Fitzgerald, desperate to know more of the origins ...
  13. Bureaucratic Frustration

    by , October 22nd, 2009 at 09:45 AM (Desert Coyote Productions publishing blog)
    No promotion this time around, just venting.

    My current employment is a graduate assistantship. 20 hours a week, with a stipend of $4300 for the semester (before taxes), supposed to be paid bi-weekly.

    It's now two months into the semester, and I have yet to see paycheck one.

    Why is this, you ask? It's because of a work plan, which apparently needs signatures of everyone short of Jesus Christ himself to approve me to the payroll. This is AGGRAVATING ...
  14. The Parable of Doubt Revealed

    by , October 21st, 2009 at 02:25 AM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    Again, I have been too subtle in the creation of a story for my own good. Because it is still being judged, I am putting my explanation here and I won't lie by saying I don't want this to help in getting votes. It is what it is as, my boss would say.

    First of all, the reason for the story. Doubt is one of the lesser appreciated themes that I feel comes out of the Bible and I wanted to write a story focusing on it. I remember vaguely the cautions given about following certain ...

    Updated October 21st, 2009 at 02:39 AM by Gkarlives

    Thoughts , Creativity
  15. Sword Dreamer

    My first book,Sword Dreamer, is available for download on the Amazon Kindle, iPhone or iPod Touch.
    Back cover blurb is as follows:
    Young Léofric is troubled with strange visions of battle. He does not understand them until one day two warriors, an elf and a man, arrive to take him away to war. While being instructed in the ways of combat, he learns that he is the Sword Dreamer, whose visions of pending battles are necessary to bring an end to the civil war in Irminsul. He learns the ...
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