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  1. Unpacking the boxes

    Being a recent arrival at sffworld it seemed a good idea to say hello and to dust off a chair and whatnot. There must be coffee!

    So, introductions. Copper Age is actually two people, sharing the things we do collaberatively. (The two people in question are Bryn Colvin and Tom Brown and we do things seperately other places as well.)

    Thus far there's a story added - written together through the medium of skype, with much cutting and pasting and being startled by each ...
  2. The Fourth Dimension and Time

    You've probably heard it said that the fourth dimension is time. This idea is especially popular with SF authors when writing time travel stories. But what does this mean? And what are the implications?

    Forgetting about time for a while, in ordinary life we deal with three dimensions: left-right, forward-back and up-down. What this means is that every material object and every location in the universe can be described mathematically using only three numbers. When we measure a material ...
  3. My Book Review Website

    Want to know what I think about a book? Head over to my blog at -
  4. How much description is enough?

    I recently had an interesting lesson on how much description is enough.

    My writing group reviewed the first chapter of my novel. One of the reviewers suggested that I start with the dialog I had, skipping all the description I had written to set the scene.

    I then posted the chapter in several places on the web and got the same reaction. Given this, I decided there was something to these comments so I revised the first three paragraphs and reposted the chapter.

    Updated January 3rd, 2011 at 05:37 PM by feitelberg

  5. Waffle

    Still awaiting news on the below.

    Horror Library Vol 4 cutting block press - Death won't be cheated.

    Murky Depths - Jac

    Clockworkphoenix - Full Circle.

    I think the world does not want me to write. The last few weeks, things seem to have stopped me nailing my bum to the seat, and actually writing more than half a dozen words at a time.

    I hope this weekend to change this.

    Three story ideas/novels are demanding ...
  6. The Witching Hour: an Advance Guard Halloween ghost story

    by , October 30th, 2009 at 01:51 PM (Desert Coyote Productions publishing blog)
    Attempting to clear my mind on the day before Halloween, so here goes with a short lark. I'm writing this on the fly, so please bear with me, and I'd love for any and all to comment. This uses my Advance Guard characters, and takes place after the book. Enjoy!

    The Witching Hour

    Darkness, the normal terrain of a basement, cracked as the light switched on in the barracks room. The hand on the switch, coated in orange fur, preceded the entry of its owner, Kitty Lazarus. ...

    Updated October 30th, 2009 at 01:59 PM by Desert Coyote

  7. Strange

    that you should call me
    “hey you unknown”
    when not long ago
    everything about you had my name written all over
    and just the mention of my name
    excited your heart and soul

    How you look the other way
    when we cross paths
    it seems you’ve forgotten
    how my smile made you sparkle
    how you used to look forward
    to be with me
  8. The kinsmen

    If your #### causes you to sin, bite it off

    In my profession as one can never have too many friends infact if it were practical and possible I would have a friend every a hundred kilometer from Nairobi to Cape Town, because while driving on these roads you never know when you will need a friend. About three years back, I had an accident just outside Francistown in Botswana. My overland truck was mangled so badly that passersby thought it had any survivors. Actually I was alone and ...
  9. To love rebecca*3

    MAY BE

    It’s us who are too self-centered
    It’s us who need to change
    It’s us
    Who need to take the first step
    It’s us
    Who should think of what
    We can do for others
    And not what we can squeeze out of others

    It’s us who are the problem
    It’s us who lack the maturity
    It’s us
    who should seek to understand others
    it’s us
    who should learn to tolerate others
  10. Let us do it

    let us do it
    let us shackle our hearts together
    and throw the key
    in a bottomless pit
    where no one
    will ever retrieve it
    and use it
    to separate us

    let us do it
    let us chain our selves together
    with chains
    that no one can break
    we’ll have the key destroyed
    and forever
    we will be joined

    let us do it
    let us fuse together
    and form a bond
    that cannot ...
  11. Aa

    awhile ago
    an accusing austin
    alleged again and again
    aunt agnes allowed
    allan, andrew and alice
    an apple after an apple
    as anne, adam, apollo and angelina
    ate appetizing american avocado
    after avocado
    as aunt anastasia
    ate an abalone alone a
    t albert’s apartment
    all afternoon
  12. hymn of a soul


    It was a well-to-do month
    When I attended a well-to-do cocktail party
    In a well-to-do private club
    During a well-to-do hour
    where I met well-to-do people
    Dressed in well-to-do evening clothes
    With well-to-do looks
    who spoke in well-to-do tones
    while sipping their well-to-do drinks
    cracking well-to-do jokes
    laughing well-to-do laughter
    and discussing well-to-do topics
    I spotted ...
  13. jobless-jacob mtuweta mdari

    it’s energy going to waste
    it’s painful
    it’s dependency
    it’s despair
    it’s unemployment, though not the end of the world
    it’s discouraging……………..but still we hope and dream on

    it means living like a beggar
    it means not having money in the pocket
    it means not being able to pay the rent
    it means not being able buy your mother a gold chain
    it means not being able buy your father a seiko watch
    it means being beaten………………..but ...
  14. like a lion- jacob m mdari

    like a lion
    like a radar its nose picks up the scent
    like a telescope its eyes spot the prey
    like a shadow it moves towards its quarry
    like a picture it freezes when the prey gets suspicious l
    ike a train it starts again, to glide smoothly towards the prey
    like a sniper, it tries to keep out of sight
    like a flash it strikes …….. but misses
    like a spirit after a soul it does not give up
    like a true fighter it starts again ...
  15. i met a girl mama-jacob mtuweta mdari


    I met a girl mama
    Who isn’t as dark as us
    But who is as light
    As the sole of washed feet
    With eyes the colour of the sky
    And hair that’s as soft
    As wool and as long as
    The gnu’s tail
    Her slim figure reminds me of
    My two young sisters

    I met a girl mama
    Whose smile is as bright
    And refreshing as that of
    Any girl from the plains
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