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  1. The double-edged sword of inspiration

    If you refer to almost any "how-to" book in any creative field (e.g. writing, painting, music etc.), most authors will suggest to immerse yourself in the respective field you're trying to break into. The logical thinking is that this will inspire you and help you keep your finger on the pulse of new ideas, even if they are spun upon old ones.

    Wanna write fantasy? Read any and all fantasy that you can. Wanna paint? Pick up a subscription to Juxtapoz magazine and go to every ...

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  2. Alexandria

    Hello readers,

    About six or seven years ago I was a forum junkie (not on this one but nonetheless). I have found that talking on forums was therapeutic to my writing. Seeming as I've done a total of a month's worth of writing since I've stopped chatting on forums, I thought it would be a good idea to pick up the habit again.

    After reading some of what is really posted on this site, I'd have to say that my writing is less science fiction/fantasy and more... well... ...
  3. It Is Done

    I can feel the weight of the Nameless One's darkness lifted from Edil-Amarandh.

    And, thank the Light, none of our small company perished in our quest for the Treesong. Saliman came very close, but thanks to Hem, he is still with us and has returned to good health.

    Maerad had me worried for a time with her visions, but it was meant to happen, and the dead, I'm sure, helped her to battle Sharma.

    Now that my journey is over, I'm rather ...
  4. Update...

    Still reading that Hugo Award package stuff...

    and it is working, in that I'm getting more of an idea of what I like (or don't.)

    Which I believe is the idea: informed choices for voting. Though I'm not going to Canada, sadly, I quite like the idea of voting in the Hugos and making my mark, little though it is.

    Have just about finished writing the review for China Mieville's The City and the City. on the whole I liked it, but quite brief compared ...
  5. Btl...

    My sister gets married tomorrow! Scary to think after 26 years she'll just lose her maiden name like that. The weather better pick up. Trust Ireland to make sure it rains in May, and May's always nice.
  6. Daisy Chains!

    Ok so today, I made daisy chains (:
    It made me very happy, actually

    Currently Reading: nothing
    Listening to: Miley Cyrus and Kill Hannah
  7. Review: F & SF Magazine, June 1995

    In the first of these irregular reads, I’m picking (or rather I’m having picked for me) an F & SF Magazine between 1959 – 1996. As requested, first F & SF Magazine review:

    The first chosen was the June 1995 issue, in its 46th Year of Publication. To put that in perspective, this issue is from the time when Kristine Kathryn Rusch was editor, when Gregory Benford ...

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  8. Do blogs really work?

    That's the question. I guess the answer is it depends. It depends on who is writing, whether readers can find it, does it have anything interesting to say.

    I will be interested to see if this one works, if I get comments back, etc.

    I ask only because I've been thinking to publish my first book as blog if it doesn't sell. I suppose that putting the horse behind the cart. I'll investigate that possibility if it comes to that.

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  9. Lullabies, Busk and Nerili

    Being out to sea for so long has made me realize how much I value dry land. It also...revealed to me, certain aspects of Maerad's powers. While sailing, we came upon a Stormdog...the beast was effectively soothed by a lullaby sung by my young student. Needless to say I was shocked. I'm delighted that we weren't killed by the creature, of course, but so much power held by one person - one untrained person - could prove dangerous if not handled carefully.

    I write this entry while amidst ...
  10. Maerad: What Now?

    What am I going to do now? Now that the Dark is gone, I don't have any idea what I will do.

    I always thought that I would go to a School, Innail or Lirigon maybe, and become a real Bard.

    But now that I am faced with the choice, I find I have no idea what to do.

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor
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  11. Hugo Nominees

    by , April 21st, 2009 at 09:21 PM (Rob Garbin's Blog)
    As I was telling Hobbit, apparently reads the nominees for the short fiction Hugo Awards every year. So, if you are interested in hearing the stories read, visit the site.

    So far I have listened to Mike Resnik's "Article of Faith", Ted Chaing's "Exhalation", and Kij Johnson's "26 Monkeys, Also the abyss". All three stories have been great so far with "Article of Faith" standing out for me because it not only deals with how humans ...
  12. The Moirae Effect

    I have just had a new science fiction novel published, The Moirae Effect. You can learn more about it at

    Following his near death in 1995, Detective Jack Reardon awakens eighty years in the future. He has been retrieved by the Duncan Institute, a group that uses time travel to bring together great minds from the past to serve humanity. Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Marie Curie and Benjamin Franklin are only a few of the individuals that call the Duncan ...
  13. More on libraries....

    After my recent post on libraries, came across this one on the Internet today:

    A pensioner has complained to her local Gloucestershire library after it started streaming pop music over its PA system.

    76-year-old Doraine Potts, a retired Oxford University languages lecturer, complained to staff after hearing the Sugababes playing during a visit to the facility.

    "I was trying to choose a book in my local library but I just couldn't concentrate. That's
  14. Poesia


    Que imagem é esta de mulher que me persegue,

    vinho suave que - eu sequioso - me embriaga,

    que teima em existir por mais que eu negue,

    me abraça, me incendeia e logo se apaga?

    Ave branca que atravessa meu caminho

    e cruel, com seus beijos me amordaça,

    me faz enlouquecer com seus carinhos,

    depois me abandona esvoaça...
  15. Poesia


    Devo partir hoje,

    o mais tardar amanhã.

    E não quero que me vejas hoje,

    para não guardares de mim uma saudade triste,

    uma saudade recente,

    pois agora estou assim, triste,

    por saber que hoje, o mais tardar ...
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