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  1. Cybersp@ce

    Maria Elena Williams's review May 01, 13
    5 of 5 stars
    Read in March, 2013

    "Suspense to the limit. Didn't want to put it down. Makes you stop and think this could happen today..."

    Updated June 7th, 2013 at 05:11 PM by JWHorton

  2. Work is Progressing on FRONTIERS, the Sequel to CYBERSP@CE

    I'm making great progress on the re-writes of my sixth novel, FRONTIERS, the sequel to Cybersp@ce and the second novel in the trilogy. I'm approaching the halfway point on the re-writes. I'll post on my blog and website when it goes into publication, hopefully by summer of this year (2013).
  3. Excerpt from The Way of Nacor: Tales of Eden

    Excerpt from the YA/Juvenile Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, THE WAY OF NACOR: TALES OF EDEN:

    "They were all surprised when Plator was followed closely by several others, but this time they were neither human nor rephaim, but rather some strange creatures. The new arrivals were dark green in color with scales. Like the rephaim, they too had four arms, but thatís where the resemblance ended. The creatures had heads that were snakelike, most certainly reptilian in nature, with eyes like ...
  4. What makes a good alien character?

    Hi, this is my first posting to SFF, and I've borrowed one of my earlier blogs from December which spiked a lot of interest. I'm still interested in more answers to this question, which is at the heart of SF:

    What makes a good alien character?

    For many years when reading science fiction, I was continually struck by how aliens were simply mirrors for humanity, foils against which heroic humans could find inner strength and show how good humanity could be. It didn't mean ...
  5. What Color are Little Green Men?

    Invasion! Wave after wave of aliens have assaulted our earth since their discovery by H. G. Wells in 1898. Books and old time radio shows document the attacks. So do movies and television. Man has battled them for a century, but what do the invaders look like?

    What do they look like? Don’t look to television to find out. Television aliens are designed to cost. Tight budgets and demanding schedules mean television aliens look almost human. A few may have pointy ears or ...
  6. High times, An Alien Paradise

    This is a tale of very enjoyable times at a nightclub/dance-hall/restaurant just after WWII.
    Is there a message, though, in this prefect world, about how it should "really" should be?
    And then they discover aliens in the basement.
    Isn't that kind of like the real world? This book has ideas, answers, mystery, questions, and most of all suggestions.
    This book is the result of a magical dream from the Cosmos, that I, the author, experienced.
    This was no ...