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  1. Break Free

    You all are here now
    The time is changed
    No more need for war
    And the cage
    You see just call up the war
    To end the rampage of the tyrant whore
    We live in Rome
    And I fear that this time will end near
    Just please come here now join together all 50 of us
    We will save the cause of origin
    If we try enough
    Now just try, try, try and you will succeed
    Just try, try, try
    Please try and we can break free
  2. Judge Me

    As the days go by I sit and think how life can be so hard. But we make it hard for all you need in life is food, fun and love. But we pray to the masses of media we love drama, pain, and over all judgment. We judge others without judging our selves. We always agree with the last thing that we hear nobody has their own opinions anymore and if you do have an opinion then you are wrong. We should not only listen to our selves but to everyone because what I do affects what you do. So letís all ...