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  1. IAN FLEMING ...with most of my sex behind me now: Section 1

    ...with most of my sex behind me now

    Part 1:

    "I remember an old girlfriend of Ian Fleming's saying: ‘Ian was like one of the characters in the plays of that major 19th-century Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen; that character was always waiting for something wunderbar to happen to him.’ Ian has, or rather had, lots of company in this regard. Millions now wait and hope for little and large stimulus packages to come their way as they go through ...
  2. Scifi, Anime, Fantasy, FX makeup

    Hello - I would like to introduce myself and offer my expertise of makeup to all out there that might need help in creating their favorite characters. I have been in the makeup industry since 1998 and now work for Silly Farm Supplies which sells most of the products used for fantasy makeup and FX. If you should have any questions with regard to makeup or FX, please feel free to ask away.
  3. The FREE Download of eBook Copies of THE DARK AGE ends today!

    The FREE Download of eBook Copies of THE DARK AGE ends today!

    "Suppose you learned that an ancient prophecy about an artifact, said to be powerful enough to dramatically change the world, was true. Would you risk everything to find it?

    It has been five-hundred years since the Pulse caused the Great Collapse, ending the Golden Age, and civilization on planet Earth. Humanity has waited ever since for a long-anticipated sign from God, which has finally appeared in ...
  4. They're here!

    It's been ages since I've been to sffworld! But, I haven't been idle. Have gone back through my last two novels to give them a touch up to refresh the ebook editions and have been through the whole process of sending Elflings to my publisher, getting it back, checking, editing, double checking... and now... they're here!


    Elflings arrived the day before the release date (which is today). To celebrate, Quest of the Demon (where it all began) ...

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  5. 'The Mark of the Gate' preface

    There is a window that sits between the world we all accept and that niggling something else we feel but can’t explain; the feeling that someone or something is waiting for you in the darkness.
    A movement in the corner of your eye or an anxious glance into an imaginary world you believe to be beneath your bed.
    The tingle which bites into your nerves as you open the closet door giving an overwhelming and consuming fear that you are not alone!
    In time you may find the strength ...
  6. Free copy of epic fantasy ebook (for kindle)

    Happy Friday . . . if you want to wish-list this novel, let me know and I'll get it for you. My email address is under "about me" at my profile.

    The Pennants of Larkhall

    Prince Harlan ascends the throne of Larkhall on the battlefield when his father is killed beside him; he instantly inherits the invasion of corpse-like Northerners which rages around him – and also a surging blight centered on an ancient crater which has been turning farms to ash and will ...
  7. First industry review...

    Hooray, a reviewer has made it all the way through my book and they have nice things to say! (Always had that little fear in the back of my head... a bad case of the 'what ifs')

    "Quest of the Demon is a rewarding high fantasy novel with an uncluttered and unoffending style that should be perfect for the younger reader."

    Not 5 Stars (3) but I'm still really happy Thanks to Ant. from SF Book for his ...
  8. Reviews

    Well... I would love some reviews of my novel. If I can't get feedback from strangers, how can I improve?

    This got me thinking (as I emailed a smashwords coupon to every fantasy reviewer I could find), why don't I review? It's only fair that I help out others the way random bloggers are going to help me by going through my work...

    Anyway, added a blog to my website with my first review. Will see how it goes

    (also ...
  9. Book Launch a Success!

    Well, book launch happened today. Exciting times. Over 2.5 hours I sold 27 books (to non-family members!) How awesome is that!

  10. Tropes and Cliches in Fantasy

    What makes fantasy, fantasy? Is it magic? Is it the low-tech level? The inclusion of creatures from mythological and folkloric sources? What makes a fantasy novel not a science fiction or horror novel?

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  11. How many fantasy categories do we need?

    I was on Duotrope the other day looking for a market for one of my short stories and was completely frustrated and confused by all the categories for fantasy stories they list. But they aren't to blame. They are only a reflection of the markets they serve. But it makes me think, how many categories do we need?

    They list the following (this is not a complete list)
    contemporary, dark fantasy, gothic, heroic, light fantasy, urban, science, magic realism, and historical. They ...

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  12. Rider: Spirals of Destiny

    by , December 21st, 2010 at 10:53 AM (Fantasy Stuff)
    I'd like to share a new fantasy book title I've read recently, Rider: Spirals of Destiny. It is the first book in an upcoming trilogy by Jim Bernheimer:

    The story of me finding this book is pretty interesting. A while ago I was hooked on Harry Potter fanfiction and one author nicknamed jbern had written some amazing fics. Turns out he published his own books as well, so I gave them a try.

    So... Rider: Spirals of Destiny is a book ...
  13. Chapter 5, part 6

    by , November 16th, 2010 at 09:00 PM (Dari, the sword of freedom)
    But it was not too scary – now when she was more and more feel like stainless still sword she even can’t imagine pain of this process.
    Rina turn her head to Dari and said: » It is not the true- you’ll feel pain even when united with the sword, you only will not be able imagine how it feels before you’ll get hurt.”
    “Rina, you know this time your words and the fact that you are answering my thoughts were not so surprising for me as usual. Do I’ll get the power to understand your thoughts ...
  14. More Fi than Sci

    This is quite a nice gaff and I cannot believe that it has been a week since joining this illustrious site, yet I have not posted or anything. So, here goes the first post.

    Should anyone be interested in what I have to say or my writing or work, I guess it would be fair to say what I am interested in. I do like fantasy, but my main interest is Sci-Fi.

    But here is the rub; rather than being a science bot, I prefer the fictional element to Sci -Fi. In fact, in many ...
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  15. Ragnarok Fantasy Part One

    Hi guys,

    I'm Damon Dane, the author of Ragnarok, an apocalyptic fantasy series inspired by Viking mythology and prophecies from the Book of Revelation.

    I'll be posting Ragnarok on my blog week by week. I hope you have a chance to read it! All feedback is welcome! For maps and background info you can visit my site

    I hope you enjoy Ragnarok, and thanks for reading!


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