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  1. The cybersp@ce series

    Cyberspace Series:
    The Cybersp@ce trilogy follows the Reynolds family as humanity takes its first steps out into the cosmos.

    Book 1- Cybersp@ce
    Nick Reynolds, a former NSA analyst now working for Cyber Command, has found his workload growing, as cyber attacks against the United States begin increasing exponentially. When the world approaches the brink of World War III, however, he comes to realize that he must find whatever means he can, however unorthodox, to prevent ...
  2. This weekend only!

    Are you interested in a FREE eBook copy of one of my novels? I'm willing to provide an eBook copy FREE in exchange for posting a review to Amazon, and then sharing it with your friends. Just visit my website at to choose, and then use the contact form there to let me know which one you've chosen, and what eBook format you'd prefer. This offer is limited and is for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, so feel free to share this with your friends and family!
  3. Trailer for my Upcoming Novel: Cybersp@ce

    The Trailer for my upcoming novel, Cybersp@ce. Pre-release copies will be available for review soon.

    Take a look...

    To read an excerpt visit my blog at: http://anovelsperspective.blogspot.c...-and-more.html

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