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  1. Is the agency model good for consumers and publishers?

    Recently, Smashwords, the largest distributor of independent eBooks, announced they had renegotiated their contracts with Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Sony to follow the agency model instead of the wholesale model. When Amazon launched the Kindle a few years ago, they used the wholesale model which meant the publisher sold the book at a discount to Amazon, then Amazon would sell that book for whatever price they chose to consumers, usually at a loss. When Apple launched their iPad, they popularized ...
  2. A little about me (if you care)

    Hi all...I joined this forum over a month ago and I am still making my way around. So far, everyone has been quite nice.

    Let's see, I am a professional musician on the weekends and a sci-fi/fantasy author during the week.

    I LOVE anything related to Star Wars. As far as sci-fi books are concerned, I like Frank Herbert, Arthur C Clarke and Asimov.

    I live on Long Island in New York with my wife and two children...Guess that sums it up for now...(Does anyone ...
  3. Where have all the Short Stories gone?

    I bought a Kindle a year ago, and one of the many things I loved best about it was the selection of short stories I could download for $.59, $.79, or $1.50; stories that were printed in a magazine years ago and haven't been seen since. Stories that I wouldn't even have known about let alone read otherwise. Stories by Charles Sheffield, Kevin J. Anderson, and L. Sprague De Camp that are as good as it gets. And download I did.

    The other day I was browsing the Kindle store to see if ...