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  1. Place of love

    The wind gently caresses the sobbing trees,
    The trees are sad, very sad, with which they lay there strong arms downward.
    For brothers in a peaceful religion act in un-peaceful ways, but all not bad.
    The lake that beautiful lake.
    I sit here I know peace and tranquility, at this one moment in time.
    The blanket of water which echo’s out the glistening feel of heaven.
    From the heavenly lake comes a plethora of wondrous feelings and emotions.
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  2. To My Love

    My beautiful, beautiful girl how I love you so much. Your beauty is as breathtaking as a full moon shining bright on a mid summers night. Your eyes are a deep pool which I can get lost in for hours. I wish I could for one moment hold you in my arms and kiss you, for I am madly in love with you. My heart sores when I see you, even when I think of you. I get so high that I am not able to see the ground below. I long to lie with you in my arms cuddling you under a moon lit night, when the stars ...
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  3. A Minute

    A baby walks,
    Then a minute later the baby talks,
    Then a minute later the baby starts school,
    Then a minute later the baby is in middle school Sex-Ed,
    Then a minute later the baby is in high school,
    Then a minute later the baby tries’s pot,
    Then a minute later the baby has sex,
    Then a minute later the baby starts collage,
    Then a minute later the baby starts work,
    Then a minute later the baby gets married,
    Then a minute later
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  4. Chapter 5, part 6

    by , November 16th, 2010 at 10:00 PM (Dari, the sword of freedom)
    But it was not too scary – now when she was more and more feel like stainless still sword she even can’t imagine pain of this process.
    Rina turn her head to Dari and said: » It is not the true- you’ll feel pain even when united with the sword, you only will not be able imagine how it feels before you’ll get hurt.”
    “Rina, you know this time your words and the fact that you are answering my thoughts were not so surprising for me as usual. Do I’ll get the power to understand your thoughts ...
  5. Chapter 5, part 5

    by , October 14th, 2010 at 12:41 AM (Dari, the sword of freedom)
    After a while three dark silhouettes came from the forest and each tried to kill one of the human but didn’t pay attention to pets.
    When the first one reaches Rina she touched him and he fell down with the groans. Dari pushed the one who approached her under the knees and he felt too and Hairy with Boomush attacked the one who was trying to get Balder, but in this case he didn’t want to kill Balder, he just wanted to drag him into the forest. This attempt fail either because Hairy and Boomush ...

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  6. Chapter 5, part 4

    by , October 6th, 2010 at 02:42 AM (Dari, the sword of freedom)
    “All right, let’s talk about later,” Rina took a look to the cave there Boomush spotted this great danger and she decided that they wouldn’t go there. But how do they will get to the Ieronim’s cave?
    “Let’s go scout the island- may be we will see something which could help us.” And Rina moved to the right to avoid the cave’s entrance and to circle the stone. Suddenly in front of her the fountain of sand arises and started to turn into the human figure which were 10 or even 15 feet tall. ...