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  1. New horror book

    Hi there

    Recently I published my first book called Fourteen Shades of Horror - a collection of fourteen short horror stories available from Amazon for download only on to a Kindle, Tablet or Smartphone. If you would like a flavour of my book I have put three of the stories on my Blog at

    It's difficult as an unknown author to get noticed and I'm hoping some of you will give my book a try and tell me what you think. Two people have given it a 5 ...
  2. High times, An Alien Paradise

    This is a tale of very enjoyable times at a nightclub/dance-hall/restaurant just after WWII.
    Is there a message, though, in this prefect world, about how it should "really" should be?
    And then they discover aliens in the basement.
    Isn't that kind of like the real world? This book has ideas, answers, mystery, questions, and most of all suggestions.
    This book is the result of a magical dream from the Cosmos, that I, the author, experienced.
    This was no ...