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  1. Another great review

    It's always nice to get a positive review from a reader.

    Isabella Morales, who describes herself as a selective connoisseur of 8th-grade reading level fiction, recently read and reviewed my first novel, and it was great to hear what she said. Good comments are as helpful as bad comments--the good ones tell you what you are doing right and should keep doing.

    Here is just one of the highlights:

    "Thomasonís prose is clean and colorful, but not condescending ...
  2. SF Book Reviews gave "The Scientific Method" a solid 4 stars

    Antony at recently reviewed my first novel The Scientific Method (a Wandering Koala tale) and made several keen observations:

    "lots of energy and a unique style"

    "The story itself is intelligently laid out, managing to avoid the pitfall of appearing patronizing and dumbing down which so often plagues the YA market."

    "I particulary liked the ending, ...
  3. Chapter 1, part 1

    by , August 11th, 2010 at 04:37 PM (Dari, the sword of freedom)
    Dari had been sitting under big oak tree. Sun was near the horizon and paint all around in the light red color. Dark shadows covered the valley bellow and there was so quiet around that Dari could hear her heart beating. She was alone on this hill as she was alone in this world. Few weeks ago the enemies burned her village and her family had been killed this day. She was alive only because she went into the woods to fetch some mushrooms for dinner. And at the time she returned only the charcoals ...
  4. The Scientific Method

    A few months ago I published my first novel, The Scientific Method (a Wandering Koala tale) as both a paperback book and an eBook. It illustrates the danger of Politics mixing with Science.

    The story begins just after a young accountant discovers the Holy Grail of Science--The Unified Field Theory--a theory physicists have been searching for since Einstein. It will provide new sources of power and other advances only dreamt of before. There's just one on catch: it'll cost a group ...