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  1. To My Love

    My beautiful, beautiful girl how I love you so much. Your beauty is as breathtaking as a full moon shining bright on a mid summers night. Your eyes are a deep pool which I can get lost in for hours. I wish I could for one moment hold you in my arms and kiss you, for I am madly in love with you. My heart sores when I see you, even when I think of you. I get so high that I am not able to see the ground below. I long to lie with you in my arms cuddling you under a moon lit night, when the stars ...
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  2. High times, An Alien Paradise

    This is a tale of very enjoyable times at a nightclub/dance-hall/restaurant just after WWII.
    Is there a message, though, in this prefect world, about how it should "really" should be?
    And then they discover aliens in the basement.
    Isn't that kind of like the real world? This book has ideas, answers, mystery, questions, and most of all suggestions.
    This book is the result of a magical dream from the Cosmos, that I, the author, experienced.
    This was no ...