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  1. This weekend only!

    Are you interested in a FREE eBook copy of one of my novels? I'm willing to provide an eBook copy FREE in exchange for posting a review to Amazon, and then sharing it with your friends. Just visit my website at to choose, and then use the contact form there to let me know which one you've chosen, and what eBook format you'd prefer. This offer is limited and is for THIS WEEKEND ONLY, so feel free to share this with your friends and family!
  2. Five-Star Review for Cybersp@ce

  3. Another Five-Star review for CYBERSP@CE


    Steven's review Mar 13, 13
    5 of 5 stars
    bookshelves: jeff-horton
    Read from January 27 to March 13, 2013

    This title was an awesome mix of scifi/fantasy with a very cool twist on todays current events. I highly recommend this book.
  4. Cybersp@ce is Book of the Day and I'm Author of the Day on BookPinning-Take a look...

    Cybersp@ce is Book of the Day and I'm Author of the Day on BookPinning-Take a look...
  5. 'The Mark of the Gate' preface

    There is a window that sits between the world we all accept and that niggling something else we feel but canít explain; the feeling that someone or something is waiting for you in the darkness.
    A movement in the corner of your eye or an anxious glance into an imaginary world you believe to be beneath your bed.
    The tingle which bites into your nerves as you open the closet door giving an overwhelming and consuming fear that you are not alone!
    In time you may find the strength ...
  6. A little about me (if you care)

    Hi all...I joined this forum over a month ago and I am still making my way around. So far, everyone has been quite nice.

    Let's see, I am a professional musician on the weekends and a sci-fi/fantasy author during the week.

    I LOVE anything related to Star Wars. As far as sci-fi books are concerned, I like Frank Herbert, Arthur C Clarke and Asimov.

    I live on Long Island in New York with my wife and two children...Guess that sums it up for now...(Does anyone ...
  7. More Fi than Sci

    This is quite a nice gaff and I cannot believe that it has been a week since joining this illustrious site, yet I have not posted or anything. So, here goes the first post.

    Should anyone be interested in what I have to say or my writing or work, I guess it would be fair to say what I am interested in. I do like fantasy, but my main interest is Sci-Fi.

    But here is the rub; rather than being a science bot, I prefer the fictional element to Sci -Fi. In fact, in many ...
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