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  1. Delusional Reality launches to the Reader World

    A new hybrid science fiction/thriller/suspense drama entitled "Delusional Reality" by me has hit the book shelves and Kindle eBook. Right now, it's free until Wednesday from Kindle. Check it out and give it your review and comments. Thus far, it's doing very well and getting some good reviews on other sites.
  2. Cybersp@ce is Book of the Day and I'm Author of the Day on BookPinning-Take a look...

    Cybersp@ce is Book of the Day and I'm Author of the Day on BookPinning-Take a look...
  3. Eyes in Shadow - Chapter 1: Restless

    Disgusting and depraved. Ruthless, and even demonic. That's what he saw there when they came to the cape of the city, and he could see his first glimpse of the dock. Always, were the waters around the boat district restless, as always were the skies. Once again it was an evening filled with rain shadows and flooding. Dark clouds were lightly threaded across the polluted purple sky, and a sailing wind brushed the trees gently. Another familiar evening in the city they called Jylia, which stood there ...
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  4. Author interview--chris stevenson

    Questions for Chris Stevenson

    First off, Chris, thanks for agreeing to do this. The 13 Questions interviews has rapidly become my favorite segment of this blog. Itís especially nice when I get to interview a friend who is having a measure of success. For those who donít know, Chris has recently sold three books to three separate small presses, almost at the same time. So at the moment heís drowning in edits, contract talks, and rewrites, never mind trying to write. So itís ...