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The Moirae Effect

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I have just had a new science fiction novel published, The Moirae Effect. You can learn more about it at

Following his near death in 1995, Detective Jack Reardon awakens eighty years in the future. He has been retrieved by the Duncan Institute, a group that uses time travel to bring together great minds from the past to serve humanity. Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Marie Curie and Benjamin Franklin are only a few of the individuals that call the Duncan Institute home.

Reardon’s task is to capture serial killer Joseph Fiines, who has escaped from the institute after mistakenly being retrieved from Reardon’s time. Reardon is bewildered by the incredible technologies he encounters in the world of 2075 and the unusual inhabitants of the Duncan Institute. He is also mesmerized by the silver-eyed “Murchison women”, incredibly beautiful, genetically engineered women. Reardon overcomes these distractions and succeeds in capturing the killer. The institute’s attempt to return the killer to the past is sabotaged, however, and Fiines is killed.

Reardon now faces a dilemma—Fiines must be returned to the past to live out his life as destined, thus preserving history, but that now seems impossible. A risky plan is conceived, but complicated by the unknown saboteur, who desperately wants to prevent Fiines’ return to the past. To assure the plan’s success, Reardon must identify the saboteur and make an unthinkable personal sacrifice.

Please check out my webpage to learn more. You can purchase the book directly from the publisher at or from a major online bookstore (such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble).

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