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Two reviews up: Mike Cobley's Seeds of Earth HERE, which is a grand-slam Space Opera. If you like Peter Hamilton or Neal Asher, I think you'll like this one.

Secondly, Christopher Ransom's Birthing House, a competent Horror novel being highlighted hard by its publishers. (HERE.) I liked parts, but not all. Nevertheless, it's good to see Horror being sold again in the UK. It's been in a lull for a while.

Bit of a backlog there but I'm slowly catching up. The The Death of Grass review's about written too.

An aside:
If you've been on the Forums, you may know that I'm the very lucky recent recipient of a pretty much complete set of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction from 1959 - 1996. (Putting that in perspective, that's 5 years before I was born, up to the year of the birth of my youngest son.)

So I'm having a lot of fun just dipping into the past at random. I love those old pulp covers! There's also some real classic stories in there, which are really great. And there's some in there that I read years ago and lost. But what is perhaps best are those tales and authors I've never seen before.

It has shown me what I always thought: there's an awful lot of great stuff out there that just isn't known these days (as well as some that are perhaps best forgotten.)

I'm now resolved to add to my Analog collection for the same reason.

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