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Trouble and Love

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Saliman, Irc, and I were wandering around in the streets of Lirigon earlier today. It was so nice and so peaceful. But like always, the peace was broken by three children playing tag. I was very surprised to find that those children were Zelika and her brother and sister. I was shocked to see her alive. After Saliman had told me she was dead I thought that the world would never be the same. Now here I am playing tag with her and her siblings. One of her friends, Mik joined us later as well. Nisrah ran into some thug, and the man got really mad at him. He injured some of us before Saliman could come and freeze him. Sunara, Zelika’s sister, left to go find someone to help us with the man. When she came back with the Bard, Saliman released him from the charm. The man then punched Saliman in the face, breaking his nose, and threw Mik into the wall. He also broke Zelika’s foot. I had to heal Zelika and Saliman. I was weak after that and had to rest. Zelika rested with me and we learned that we loved each other. Irak’gar, the man taking care of Zelika, Nisrah, Sunara, and Mik, came and found us and invited us to dinner. Saliman left with the other Bard to take the thug somewhere. After dinner Zelika gave me a tour of the house she was staying in and then we just sat and talked the rest of the time. We also kissed a bit.

The world seems to be a lot better to me now that Zelika is back. I am not so sure as to what we will do next though. It seems that her uncle is going to take care of them and take them back to Baladh, maybe we could accompany them there when Saliman and I leave to go to Turbansk.

~Hem of Pellinor

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  1. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    I never thought about what would happen next. I also do not like the idea of living in different cities... we ought to find a way around that if we can.

    Point to remember: Eures is an ambassador, and we might be traveling all the time. That or he would need to find a babysitter, probably the latter since three kids trailing along would not look professional. Maybe when he is gone we could go to meet you and Saliman in Turbansk.... I will talk to him about this.

    ~Zelika of the House of Il Aran
  2. susie's Avatar
    Well to start of they have very unique names I truly like, Zalika is my favorite name in the story. I cannot help but to speculate why they are going to Turbansk. Beside Turbansk I wonder why he and others assumed Zalika was dead but I am sure they have their reasons. I also question if Zalika sister has any powers or something special and if she did why did she not use them when the guy was hurting them. I think its pretty koo that they have special magical powers, like when saliman froze the guy and how one of them can heal people. I really like those things, if I was a super hero, curing people would be one of the powers I would like to have but it is too bad when you cure people you get weak. The story over all was good it made me think about things I have not thought of since I was a little girl. That to me seems like eternity, I really needed something to make me think back on my child hood. The things I did not like were that they have to live in two separate places. Usually relationships do not work when people are too far away from one another, but in some situations it may work. If they really like each other then they can be together as long as they want, but they have to work together and communicate with one another before they distant from each other. I also did not like that he did not know that Zalika was alive, to me it is sad because I am sure he was hurt and depress because she was gone from his life just like that in a instant. Being sad is not a good feeling , knowing from experience, that is why I do not like the sad parts of the story but of corse without sadness we would never know how happiness would feels like.