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Feeling very weird right now

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I was talking with my sister earlier, telling her all about Zelika. Oh how I miss her so much! But alas, I can't be with her, for she is dead. *tears*
I also talked with Saliman about his new creation. He told me that he had invented 'Mind Controlling Muffins.' "Now everyone can be mine to control!!" He said. He waited for me to respond, probably with applause or something, but I laughed at him instead. Of course I knew he was kidding, after all he did have a few too many glasses of wine before that soo...
Oooh...A basket just arrived! It's filled with muffins!! So many muffins....

Oh my stomach hurts. I think i ate those muffins to fast. There was ten in the basket, and now there are tne in my stomach. Woah, my vision is blurring....

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Updated March 10th, 2009 at 08:39 PM by PellinorFanatic

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  1. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    Go to bed.

    ~Zelika of the House of Il Aran

    (WOW, Zello. WOW. )
  2. Echowindsong's Avatar

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor
  3. Säde Mariana's Avatar
    ...mind control muffins??

    ~Cadvan of Lirigon
  4. PellinorFanatic's Avatar
    I am not sure....... Hang on Saliman wants me to get him a star........
  5. Echowindsong's Avatar

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor
  6. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    A star? What you do, go pluck Ilion out of the sky?

    ~Zelika of the House of Il Aran
  7. PellinorFanatic's Avatar
    I tried to. But then it turned out to be a candle.....