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New toy at SFFWorld!

OK: Let's see how far we go with this.

Today I have mainly been... working.

However, I am working on a couple of old reviews ready for upload and one new review: an oldie but a goodie, John Christopher's The Death of Grass first published in the UK in 1956 and out of print (or at least very difficult to get) for a long while. Undeservedly so, in my opinion.

Review to follow, of course.

Thinking ahead, tomorrow I have the joy of going to a book reading and signing by Raymond Feist. First met him at Fantasycon in 2005. A very entertaining speaker, looking forward to it.

And at some point in the next week I hope to be going to see Watchmen Tonight was/is an option, but as I type there's a sudden shower of hail outside Hobbit Towers' window - so perhaps not tonight.


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