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Characters in Action: Cyrus Salem

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Continuing with my promotional series, I will keep on profiling characters from my novel The Advance Guard, on sale now. (Coming soon to Amazon!)

This time around, it's Cyrus Salem.

Cyrus is a wizard by trade and soldier by profession. His presence has been known to the U.S. military since at least the earliest parts of the 20th Century. He has seen action in several wars prior to this, though, not necessarily on the American side of things ... and even back further than that.

Though in the past, he was much taller.

Cyrus' powers have a limitation to their effectiveness. Granted, his powers are nearly limitless. He can cast spells without incantations, using the force of his own will to harness magical energies. This can be utilized in a number of ways: offensively (fireballs and energy blasts), defensively (shields and healing spells) or other utilitarian functions, such as mind-reading. In addition, Cyrus has a great knowledge of apothecary potion-making, which he employs primarily to spare using any of his power for healing. His particular specialty is a concoction for rapid energy recuperation (a particularly nasty tasting and smelling broth which is made up of 75% used motor oil).

With all this power, what could possibly be his limit? It comes in the form of losing his physical stature. As a young adult, he was of normal height for a man of his era. By the time of World War I, he was already shrinking, and by the end of the century when he saw action in Operation Desert Storm he was far under four feet tall ... closer, in fact, to 3' 6" than to 4'. The cause for this shrinkage is overuse of his powers, which he has done in the past to his downfall. The more excessively he uses his powers, the further he shrinks.

His weight and width, however, remain static. Of the four agents who would eventually make up the Black Ops team, he is the most muscular, despite his lack of size.

His past is a mystery. Maybe he has blood ties to famous wizards. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe he has appeared throughout history, or maybe that powerful wizard reportedly from the 9th Century AD is someone else.

Cyrus is the team's wizard and resident enigma. No one knows much about him, except Cyrus himself, and he generally would much rather talk about everyone else.

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