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Bad Memories

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(Zelika Loophole Blog #3)

I having nightmares. We are at Baladh now, and there is a rebuilt inn. But mostly every night I have nightmares of the place being destroyed. Fire, death, screaming. I see as if it is yesterday.

I thinked when I get back to Suderain that I stay in Baladh and restore it after seeing Turbansk but I think now I not stay. Too many memories are here.

Tomorrow we get horses and leave for Turbansk.

~Zelika of the House of Il Aran

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Updated March 13th, 2009 at 05:11 PM by Maiablackwolf

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  1. Echowindsong's Avatar
    Where exactly are you and....your friend going?

    ~ Maerad of Pellinor
  2. Maiablackwolf's Avatar
    We go to Turbansk. Then we go to Annar, near Lirigon. I need is find Nisrah.

    Do you know about the child armies? He was in them. near Lirigon?

    ~Zelika of the House of Il Aran

    My friend is named Irak'gar. He from Den Raven, but not evil. He is Bard.