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Category for Alternate History?

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I have a critique group that is classical speculative fiction: Sci fi, fantasy, supernatural, horror, etc. We have a person who would like to join and is writing alternate history. Some well-known sci fi writers like Harry Turtledove have done alternate history, but does it really get categorized with the above spec fiction subgenres? It is in that section at at least one of our bookstores. Interested in others' take on this.

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  1. expatrie's Avatar
    Ah, they shelve it where it sells.

    Honestly I have no idea. I figure they put the author where he seems to fit most naturally. Vonnegut, after all, is in literary at Borders, and Card's overtly religious "women of the bible" is in SF/F.

    Zzzzz. Ah man, what's that guy's name. Zelazny. His stuff is... er. Anyway. Short version: Lords of Light = Sci-fi on the shelves.

    As a member of a cross-genre critique group I recommend letting in anyone who wants to join. You can learn from each other in ways you might not be able to otherwise.

    Although: We don't have any poets.