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Where Has the Time Gone?

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God, it's been longer than I want to admit since I've logged on here. My life has been filled to the brim with health issues - hubby's and mine - and job-related toxic stress. There have been issues with my children's lives as well. I have decided to retire from teaching this May, because it dawned on me the job might kill me before I stopped.
Long story short.....I am on blood pressure medicine, fibromyalgia medicine, and several other psychtropic drugs. It bothers me that my daily survival is linked to so many meds, as if I couldn't make it through life without being chemically altered. But it is what it is.
With retirement at hand, I hope to find time for joining in on discussions about books, films, etc.......the stuff that makes life worth living.
What good is living without being able to go where your passions lead you?

I look forward to searching out old friends and making new ones. Maybe I'll get inspired and write poetry again. Who knows?

It's time to reinvent myself. I will be 60 in May.
HerefordEye used to get frustrated with my inability to face aging gracefully. I think I am ready to do that, to let go of things I should have let go of years ago. There are things I will never be able to do, places I will never see. But who knows what surprises life may have for me, just hiding around the corner? I need to be flexible enough - brave enough - to embrace who I am as well as who I may become.

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  1. N. E. White's Avatar
    Welcome back. I look forward to your participation on (in?) this forum.
  2. expatrie's Avatar
    "to let go of things I should have let go of years ago"

    When you figure that one out, take notes and let me know. I could use a clue.


    And I learned something today. Terre d'Ange is NOT in France somewhere.
  3. Eldanuumea's Avatar
    Thanks tmso, we have yet to meet, I think. And if I figure out how to do that - let stuff go - I'll broadcast it loud and clear!

    In Carey's world, Terre d'Ange is indeed where France would be. If you look at her map, Alba is Britain, Skaldia is Germany, Serenissima is Venice, etc. Her fantasy world is like an or reimagined history of Europe, Asia Minor, and Africa.