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Living with Fibromyalgia

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Depressing title, yep. But now that I've been officially diagnosed with this thing - I don't think of it as a disease, but as a syndrome - I feel a bit vindicated.
The medicine I'm on handles most of the joint and muscle pain, but what it doesn't seem to help is the constant fatigue. When my doctor asked me if I experienced fatigue often, I thought for a minute and realized I had no memory of what it felt like not to feel tired. I wake up tired. Exhaustion is what I feel by the end of a work day - or by the end of a shopping trip.

I wish I could be different for my hubby's sake. He needs a partner with verve, with the desire to be with people. Maybe retirement will help with this. I won't have students and administrators up in my face all day. I'll be looking for part-time dream job would be to stock and shelve books at the local BAM. We'll see.

I have to end on a super-positive note. Hubby is still cancer-free after having his cancerous pancreas removed in Nov. 2003. Folks around here helped keep me sane in the months following his surgery.

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  1. expatrie's Avatar
    Fatigue- have you had your thyroid checked and vetted?

  2. Eldanuumea's Avatar
    Yep, Brian. That's been done several times. It's definitely fibromyalgia.......wish it was thyroid, because that could be fixed.
  3. expatrie's Avatar
    Must be the engineer in me. I was figuring it was fibro+. You know, something new and improved.