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I may give up on SyFy.

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SyFy keeps breaking my heart. First, they positioned Stargate Universe on a Tuesday opposite Dancing with the Stars, which I have never watched but which most of America watches. Then they moved it abruptly to Monday night.....I caught the midseason opener by pure luck.

Cancelling what is arguably the best series in the Stargate Universe is very short-sighted and stupid.** Apparently, DVR'd shows don't count in the ratings game.

Robert Carlysle (spelling?) is an actor of such extraordinary caliber, and I have a high opinion of the actors in general. They make a terrific ensemble cast. I love the gritty production quality. I am just hoping that the powers that be consider a movie to tie up what will certainly be seriously loose ends after the show is gone.

**Don't get me wrong, I love SG-1. I own the series and watch reruns constantly. But SU takes the franchise to a new level of story-telling and serious acting quality. The complexity of the Rush-Young relationship alone is amazingly done.

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  1. Erfael's Avatar
    I can't disagree with this in any way.