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Another great review

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It's always nice to get a positive review from a reader.

Isabella Morales, who describes herself as a selective connoisseur of 8th-grade reading level fiction, recently read and reviewed my first novel, and it was great to hear what she said. Good comments are as helpful as bad comments--the good ones tell you what you are doing right and should keep doing.

Here is just one of the highlights:

"Thomasonís prose is clean and colorful, but not condescending (the absolute worst mistake a young adult author could ever make). His dialogue, however, is stand-out. In fact, Iím pretty sure this brief exchange must come from a real classroom somewhere:"

Read the whole review here >>

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  1. MLSawyer's Avatar
    Congrats! Must feel good... me, I'm twidling my thumbs, waiting... hopeing someone will finish reading my newly released book... and like it. Sometimes I think I'm asking too much but then again, you neve know until you have a go!